View Full Version : Supermarket receipt surveys

4-22-12, 11:43am
I filled out one of those online store surveys alluded to at the bottom of store receipts. At the end of the survey I said "The deli department always does a good job - particularly Ms. X."

They will forward the remarks on to Ms X. I hope a lot of employees get good feedback via this route.

4-22-12, 1:00pm
I used to work at Borders bookstore. Our general manager definatly heard those surveys and were recognized for exceptional service when mentioned by name.


4-22-12, 1:10pm
I used to fill those out for Del Taco and El Pollo Loco...doing so gave us money off our next order, and it gave me a chance to single out good servers.

domestic goddess
5-10-12, 11:55am
I stick the receipt in my purse with every intention of calling or getting on-line to fill out the survey. Those receipts that haven't gotten lost or been filed are still in my purse. I'm really going to be more mindful about getting them out and making the call!