View Full Version : I love my lamb's wool duster!

5-12-12, 10:12am
I think my mother gave me this long-handled lamb's wool duster many years ago, but I never used it. I finally got it out the other day, and its amazing! It dusts everything! .....lamps/furniture/shelves/doors/mirrors/TV screens, etc., etc., etc.
It probably doesn't do as good a job as a dust rag with Endust, but if you're in a real hurry, it cuts dusting down to a fraction of what it usually is. And its so easy!
Its my new best friend. haha

5-12-12, 10:43am
I have no idea what mine is made of, picked it up on impulse. I love it. It's so much quicker than wiping down surfaces for dusting like I used to. And instead of tossing a pile of cleaner covered paper towels I just step outside and bang the duster against my hand a few times and it's ready to reuse.

5-12-12, 11:19am
Maybe the Swiffer dusters do the same, but those aren't even washable. They're made to be disposable. The lamb's wool isn't washable either, but like you said, you just whack it a few times outside (standing upwind of it...haha) and its ready to start all over again.

pony mom
5-12-12, 9:13pm
I like mine too. My late dog also liked it. Sometimes I'd find her laying proudly in her crate, with the duster between her front paws. A special furry prize.

5-12-12, 9:27pm
LOL pony mom..........that's so cute!!