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Zoe Girl
1-27-11, 12:16pm
Not the job but the pay and benefits with this. I think I know what I am going to do but will go to an orientation to figure it all out better.

So I am paid like a teacher, over 12 months even though you don't work the entire year. That means that coming in midyear my paychecks will actually be lower than what I see now even though I am paid $1 more an hour. I also could sit around all summer and not work and still get a paycheck if I liked. With that I am also able to work our dismissal day camps and summer camp and earn extra money. I don't plan on sitting here all summer, I really like working camps like I did over December break, so I assume I would continue that.

The other factor is that I get health insurance and a contribution from the district for that. I currently have insurance through my weekend job and can continue that so I get more money in my paycheck for now. The new year of insurance woudl start July 1st and that is when my paychecks would increase for the new school year so that is doable. At that point I could actually choose to quit Target if my income is good enough or get a different weekend job because I would not need the insurance any longer.

So that sounds like a good plan right now with a quit date for Target possible (can you believe it, it will be 5 years of doing this 7 days a week deal). That will also be over a year of dating my amazing boyfriend so we will have a good idea if we want to live together and share some expenses, at least by then I will have a good idea where we are at.

If you see a major flaw let me know, I will run this by HR at orientation and my boyfriend as well and see what works.

Anne Lee
1-28-11, 7:54am
My rule of thumb is to work the Dave Ramsey "baby steps".

1. Have a minimal emergency fund ($1000 is a good starting place).
2. Pay off debt like crazy.
3. Build 3 - 6 months worth of emergency fund.
4. Save for retirement, etc.

I wouldn't quit the Target job until you get steps 1 and 2 squared away.

1-28-11, 10:37am
Is there any probationary period?

1-31-11, 12:58pm
Keep working at Target until you know the new job is a keeper. But maybe scale back your hours significantly? Target has so much turnover that even committing to a few weekend shifts can seriously help the store.

Then what Anne Lee said: start working on getting your finances back in order. I'd set a financial target as your quit date from Target. Whatever financial target makes sense to you.