View Full Version : Sooooo frustrated with computer!!

1-27-11, 12:26pm
Our computer has been acting up.........I click on things to open and the little hour glass shows up, but then it goes away. Sometimes things work and sometimes they don't. DH (who knows much more about computers than I do) has done all sorts of Registry fixes, system mechanix fixes, etc. But its still screwing up. Today, I realized that the toolbar at the top is all different, and all my dozens (if not hundreds) of bookmarks are GONE. I tried uploading a newer version of Mozilla, but nothing changed.
Where did all my bookmarks go?? And I can't find "History" anywhere either.
The tool bar that's missing is the one with stuff like "Files, Edit, View, history, tools", etc. Now it just has a printer icon and a download icon and everything else is gone.
I HATE using and needing something so much, and not having a clue on how to fix it when it misbehaves! DH can't look at it 'til tonight. Any suggestions how to get that old toolbar back, and find all my bookmarks????

1-27-11, 12:58pm
Never Mind! DH called back and told me to right click on the space in the toolbar and a "menu bar" had accidentally been deselected. I clicked on that, and all was right with the world again!

1-27-11, 1:05pm
CathyA welcome to the world of fixing computers. Just keep clicking and pushing keys until it is fixed.

iris lily
1-27-11, 6:51pm
Cathy that kind of stuff drives me crazy, too.

I would love computers and teevees and camera and all electronics that I use to have a "standard setting" whereby I define what I want the "standard setting " to be and each time I turn it off or reset it, the "standard setting" comes up.

There is always weird chit happening on my Outlook settings at work. And then often the Word settings readjust themselves, apropos of nothing. I swear there are Gremlins in there.

1-27-11, 6:54pm
NOTHING worse than a sick computer -- well there probably is, but with all the virus/malware we have gotten this year -- I was affraid to get on the internet in fear we would catch something. Glad is it back and running. G