View Full Version : What is that song called?

1-28-11, 2:24pm
Probably first from the 30's and then the 60's about someone who has her boyfriend or girlfriend leaving to travel the world. They mention the Nile in it and I think the gist of it is .... come back to me, or remember I am still your lover or something like that. Fun and quirky and on the tip of my brain.

1-28-11, 2:42pm
found my own answer =You Belong to Me.
I found it here


you just put in some lyrics and it comes up with songs. Cool, eh?

1-28-11, 2:44pm
I remember that song from my childhood when Jo Stafford sang it.....in the early 50's. I like it.

1-28-11, 3:54pm
The 50's ? wow. My brother had that record - not sure who the artist was. I really liked it too.

Here is a Jo Stafford version of it:.


edit to add: here's a 60's version by Patsy Cline. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K-wJNpWgss8&feature=related

1-28-11, 3:56pm
Petula Clark did a fab version in the late 60's... can't find it on Youtube.