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1-28-11, 2:27pm
On the NBC news this morning, they had a segment on a gorilla who is 20-30 years old, (I think in England on a preserve), and he walks upright! It was really amazing to see. All the other gorillas around him were moving around gorilla-style.....but this one always walks upright. It was so wild to see this! He was carrying something in his hand and the reporter said "Here he goes, off to work with his lunch box."..........and that's exactly how it looked! Amazing. Makes me wonder what made him walk upright........perhaps something different in his skeletal system?? Very interesting!

1-28-11, 4:09pm
Wow, that is amazing. I'm going to go look for it.

1-28-11, 4:24pm
Here's video footage for those interested.


I almost wet my pants watching it!!! He really does look like a blue-collar worker heading off to work with lunchbox under arm.

1-28-11, 6:12pm
Looks like my brother-in-law.

1-28-11, 6:24pm
Seriously, I would love to know why this is happening, in a physical anthropology kind of way.

1-29-11, 12:12am
It's probably happening in the same way that it happened way back when our primate ancestors were not yet "humans".....an accident of heredity or mutation, resulting in an ability to walk upright, perhaps finding that to be advantageous in obtaining and carrying food, leading to more successfully raising youngsters, some of whom may have evidenced the same trait, and over time, voila.......evolution. JMHO

Although, today, it may just mean a gorilla with exceptional abilities to "think outside the box" observing humans walking upright, deducing that there are times being able to do that are helpful, and imitating until the new gait is perfected.

What's that old saying? "Monkey see, monkey do"......

Heck, I don't know........ fun to think about, though. ;-)

1-29-11, 1:57am
Man Descends ....

news at 11


1-29-11, 6:49am
I saw that on the morning news and liked the 'Walk Like A Man' background music. Probably due to short legs and a heavy torso, he has to carry his top weight behind his hips so it looks like he is proudly strutting. I know people like that.

1-29-11, 9:54am
LOL.......I've liked the songs the various news places have chosen to use for it. It was interesting......the gorilla was holding some firewood with one hand, which was alot easier to carry than if he had to use his arms to walk.
So ApatheticNoMore......you think it might be a man going back to be a gorilla instead? LOL! Reverse evolution.........

1-29-11, 11:00am
Ah, Cathy. Note that you asked if it might be a MAN going back to a gorilla...not a woman.:laff:

1-29-11, 11:06am
LOL........that's been going on for a long time! hahaha One is evolving........the other is devolving. :~)