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6-1-12, 1:44pm
I'm trying to pare down my possessions - making progress in most categories, but I'm having a hard time with accessories. I sort of justify it by saying I can change the look of fewer clothes by using jewelry and other accessories to mix it up. But I'm beginning to annoy myself because I don't have the storage, really, for jewelry and I'm faced with having to buy a container to hold my accessories. That's one of the things you're just NOT supposed to do!

Anyway, I'd be interested in knowing about how much jewelry/accessories you have and how you deal with it. Also interested in hearing from those who don't have much or any of those things. Thanks!

iris lily
6-1-12, 2:01pm
I wear earrings mostly, I have a few bracelets but seldom wear them. Necklaces are a pita to store but since I don't like them, I don't have the bother.

6-1-12, 4:10pm
Hmmm... Sounds like throwing them at that consultant may be a good start... Pointy earrings make good projectiles...

6-1-12, 4:37pm
I wish I had accessories. It has never been something I could purchase and feel it was good for me. I am lazy and leave my :earrings in for days at a time. I need to be more girl like and get some, so toss them my way :)

6-1-12, 7:03pm
Wedding ring and a diamond ring that I wear all of the time and an emerald bracelet that I wear if I get all dressed up for an occasion. That's it, 3 items and I have no desire to have more. I have a watch but don't wear it.

6-1-12, 7:54pm
I hang my necklaces and bracelets on a bulletin board that is behind the bedroom door. I can easily get to them, but they aren't visually or otherwise in the way.

6-2-12, 11:19am
I'm not a jewelery/accessories person, so not much to worry over, other than my watch, which I only wear for dress, and a few sets of earrings. Do envy, Kitten, Re: jewelery/accessories. I have a good friend who is big on the accessories thing, and she always looks so dashing.

My dream, if I was an accessories person, would be to have a walk-in closet, with an array of decorative crystal caskets for such. Everything always neatly tucked away, out-of-sight/out-of-mind, dust-free.

Really like the sounds of a cork-board for display/organization.

6-4-12, 9:43am
Like Goldensmom, I favor the less is more approach. For this to work well, you need just a few excellent signature pieces that you wear every day.

For me this had been a pair of gold hoop earings and a wide-band gold mother's ring that I designed myself. I also own a silver/turquoise cuff that was my grandmother's and a pair of silver (new this year) earings to wear with the cuff. I also have one scarf that I can wear with a simple red dress or simple black sheath or my grey pants/black sweater outfit.

If you wear and enjoy all your accessories, keep them and look for storage options that work in you space. If you really want to pare it down, first edit out the stuff you haven't worm in a year. Then a month or so later, edit out the stuff that only goes with one outfit. Then the next month, you decide the criteria.

6-5-12, 12:38pm
Redfox, you crack me up, good idea :)))

6-5-12, 12:41pm
I knew you guys would be inspiring to me. I need waaaay less of this stuff!

herbgeek, love the cork board idea! Yesssssss!

Mrs.-M, the walk-in closet would be truly luxurious. My parents had one - I on the other hand have not achieved their level of prosperity in my generation (let alone surpassed it). Does that make me an American loser? lol

Fawn, great idea to get rid of stuff I haven't worn in a year!

6-5-12, 2:51pm
80/20 rule here - I only wear 20% of the jewelry I do have if that - usually gold or silver hoops and simple pendant necklace. Sometimes a black leather wris****ch. I don't own a belt and still haven't gotten into the scarf thing.
My plan is to take the jewelry to a church consignment store nearby when I clean out the antique secretary that it is tucked away in.