View Full Version : How can DD desposit a VISA gift card into her checking account?

6-5-12, 3:27pm
DD takes several jobs to pay her bills. She played in a band recently and was anxiously awaiting payment for it to cover a couple of her bills.
But they sent her a VISA gift card! I told her to call her bank and see if she could deposit that money into her account, and they said no.
Any other options you can think of so she could turn this into cash to deposit into her checking account?

6-5-12, 4:09pm
Not sure what kind of card it is, could it be cashed out at an ATM (basically converted into cash) and then deposited? Might be an ATM fee though.

6-5-12, 4:41pm
Does she know anyone willing to do a trade (card for cash)?

6-5-12, 5:04pm
Use the card to buy groceries. Use money set aside for groceries to pay bills.

6-5-12, 5:13pm
She has no money set aside and her friends are poor too. She's waiting on a couple other checks to come in, but in the meantime, she has a couple bills to pay.

Mrs. Hermit
6-5-12, 5:20pm
I have taken VISA rebate cards to the bank, and told them I wanted to deposit it. The teller did the transaction, swiped the card; no questions asked not a problem,. My daughter has done the same through another bank. I don't understand why your bank would say that they can't do that.

Float On
6-5-12, 5:29pm
I'd try calling the visa number on the back of the card. Maybe they can electronically deposit the money for her.

6-5-12, 8:34pm
u can probably sell it to an online company. ebay perhaps too.

6-5-12, 8:36pm
Use the card to buy groceries. Use money set aside for groceries to pay bills.
Simplest solution, avoids fees and risky trade transactions.

6-5-12, 9:52pm
BUT SHE HAS NO MONEY!!! Sorry about that. She has no money and needs to pay bills. She has no grocery money. All she has to pay 2 bills is this VISA gift card.
I told her to call the number on the back. Haven't talked to her yet if she's done that. I really thought the bank would accept it too. Don't understand why they didn't.

6-5-12, 10:01pm
Are these utility bills? If so, she might try paying the bills with the card.

6-5-12, 10:09pm
I was suggesting using the Visa card to pay your own essential expenses (gasoline or groceries) and giving your daughter cash (or personal checks payable to her creditors) in exchange.

6-5-12, 10:33pm
YOU could take the Visa gift card and give your DD the cash, if you can swing that (not sure how much the Visa gift card is for).

Then you could use it for groceries.

6-6-12, 7:54am
We've given DD lots of money in the past, and continue to do so when she's really in trouble. But she's trying really hard to make it on her own.......in case my post might have sounded like she's drowning and we aren't helping. She's 25, so its good she's trying to make ends meet on her own.
She mentioned last night that she thinks she found a way to use it through PayPal. So we'll see how that goes. If that falls through, she will give us the card, and we will transfer money into her account.
Thanks for all your suggestions!