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6-23-12, 5:49pm
I am not sure who recommended this site; but it has really me moving on the clutter! Each day I look for something big or small and it feels so good; and then i start seeing things with a different eye; the question "what am i hanging onto this for" always in the back of my mind

I was doing flylady and still get her posts but this other woman has spured me on; dh is afraid we won't have anything left in the house:) the one problem is whenever i ask dh about a shared item he says hang onto it; so i don't always ask him if it isn't a big deal or something he wasn't personally given;

anyway jjust wanted to say thanks!

i just love empty space in my home now!

6-23-12, 6:12pm
Hey Babr, welcome back. Haven't seen any posts from you for awhile and I was thinking about you and hoping you were OK. Did you go on your trip, or is that still in the future?

Float On
6-23-12, 6:52pm
Congrats on passing some things on.
I don't think I've read that one and I thought I'd read everything about clutter :)

6-23-12, 7:21pm
So glad it's going well for you!!

6-23-12, 9:32pm
Can you give the link for 365 less things?

6-24-12, 4:09am
Today I asked my son if he and his two older sons would help me pack up the clothes I no longer wear and take them to the local SPCA shop or the Salvation Army to contribute so they can sell them and use the money for their charities to help people and pets by selling them to make money to be able to feed and clothe people or use to feed and spay or neuter pets before putting them up for adoptions.

This is something I've wanted to do for the past few years, but no longer could I do it myself for various reasons.

By doing this now it will be easier for him to move my furniture, etc. out once I've died.

This is a great feeling to give my clothes, furniture, kitchen utensils, etc. away for others to enjoy now.

All my possessions are in great condition for others to use.

I have several antique pieces of furniture I inherited from my mother, who had inherited from her mother, all in beautiful condition, which I've willed to my sons to use and keep them in the family. Smaller antiques I've also been able to give to my granddaughters to use now in their own homes, including several pieces of jewellery I gave them for a grad gift once they had graduated from university.

6-24-12, 3:36pm
here is the link; hope this works; http://www.365lessthings.com/

yeah it really is a freeing feeling; so thanks so much fidgie girl

I haven't felt like being on the computer for some strange reason; found other things to occupy my time; which i think is a good thing; thanks for thinking of me Rosa; Oh our trip to Hawaii was Magical with a capital M! We spent our whole time on the island of Kauai as it is supposed to be the most beautiful; and it was all that; i just kept saying wow all the time; it definitly was worth the money we spent! take care everyone and happy organizing/decluttering

6-25-12, 4:51am
Thanks Babr for posting this link, really appreciate it. Enjoyed reading the thread on gift giving and liked them on Facebook. :thankyou: