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1-30-11, 3:38pm
Hello I'm new around here, just wanted to say hello. I'm currently half way through reading YMOYL and wishing that I had read it 20 years ago....
I'm a 45 year old mother of three living in the UK. I have a small mortgage and no debts but until now no real sense of what money really is and how to handle it.
I'm looking forward to setting myself some goals and realising some dreams in the near future and of course following The 9 Steps.
Looking forward to getting to know everyone, it seems like a friendly place :)

1-30-11, 4:24pm
Hi Leelee,
Welcome to the neighborhood!
We look forward to getting to know you!

1-30-11, 4:31pm
Welcome, LeeLee! I am just returning to the forum after a long hiatus, and am re-reading YMOYL, just beginning the steps. Are you reading the whole book thru before working the steps? Or are you doing the steps as you're reading?
It will be nice to have some fellow travelers on the journey!

1-30-11, 4:41pm
Hi EarthSky! I'm reading the book through first and then beginning the steps. I don't think it'll take me long to get through it so I'll be starting the steps real soon so we could support/encourage one another on the journey!

2-24-11, 11:50am
Hi LeeLee. I'm back. Would love to compare notes and support for the 9 steps! Will look for you on the Financial Integrity thread!

2-24-11, 12:21pm
Welcome from Kally in Canada.

3-7-11, 1:50pm
Welcome aboard the good-ship SL lolly-pop!

Sad Eyed Lady
3-7-11, 4:53pm
Welcome Leelee - you will enjoy your time spent here I am sure.

3-7-11, 5:32pm
Welcome from Ontario Canada,,,