View Full Version : ReOrganizing the Schedule to be able to Organize so that one can be Organized!

7-4-12, 1:14am
So, for the last month, the house has been a disaster. We've emphasized our work at the office, and DS has kindy/friends, and we are just plain tuckered when we get home, so everything went crazy.

we reorganized the bed time routine to make that easier. We come how together now, and DS has dinner at our offices (poor him) usually with DH while I teach. Then we drive home, and I take DS through potty/pjs/teeth, and then DH gets us sorted for the evening (unpacks lunch bags, etc). Then all of us in bed for 2 stories (one from mom, one from dad). and then 10 minutes later, DS is asleep (yay!). So this is around 7:30.

As soon as story is done, DH gives cuddles and then goes off to cook dinner for us. Then I get up and do a tidy of an area of the house and/or load of laundry.

As of last week, the house was disaster. As of last night (second night on this schedule), the house is spotless. Tonight, I'll finish the laundry (one full load left), and then do the dishes after dinner, and then that's it. We are caught up.

Also, did a minor "cull" of DS's clothes and toys (as well as Dh's clothes and my clothes), and a paper cull, too (while watching tv last night).

So glad to have the house back in order so quickly! Yay! :)

To better organize, I need/want some garage style shelves for the 'closet.' This will house DH's books and papers, as well as DS's toys. I tend to contain my stuff to the baskets that we already have (hence, my culls). DS's toys were culled into the baskets that he has, but I'd like to have some form of effective book organization. I was thinking crates and by subject, but I can't figure it. LOL But I think that it would be better to have the things in there, rather than in the living room corner.

7-5-12, 3:51pm
Congrats Zoebird! I hate clutter and, being a minimalist, have pretty much eliminated the need to even have storage boxes or places to store stuff - only minimal stuff to store. However, I was married to a guy who was a bit of a clutterer and had tons of equiptment-intensive hobbies and there was always crazy stuff everywhere (had 5 large boat anchors under the bed). He did try to store things and pretty much did what you did but it didn't last very long. Eventually "his" stuff found it's way back into the main living space instead of it's neatly stacked storage containers. i think the only way to remain clutter-free is to get rid of the clutter as it has a strange way of sneaking back on it's own in the middle of the night. Clutter-Fairies?

7-5-12, 4:27pm
Good for you Zoebird, for me it always feels better when things are cleaned up and organized, sounds like you feel like that too!

7-9-12, 3:12pm
Oh, I am jealous! To have my house in order - ~sigh~ Congrats to you!

I have been working evenings and my house is just a wreck. I usually do a tidying up in the evening - doesn't take much time, but it is nice to wake to a clean table and no dishes in the sink. Today I resume my morning schedule and I think I'll be too tired to do much organizing when I get home - but soon things will be back to normal. DD is going to camp for a week and I'm looking forward to having a free hand putting all her stuff in place!

I am also experimentally reducing my work time to 2 days a week - that feels like almost nothing!! It will be interesting to see the effects. Maybe I'll get tons done; maybe I'll just take time to sit and be with myself.

7-10-12, 4:35am
got home from our 5 day holiday to a clean, organized home and immediately popped the laundry in and just cuddled up and had a relaxing evening.

tomorrow, DS's friend is picking him up and they're going to go to a play date/playground thing and then to a play, and then back to me while I work. :)