View Full Version : Best media players and good places for interesting downloads

1-31-11, 12:08pm
What's currently the best device for songs, podcasts, and books? If the device can do other things that's good too. The top item would be good quality audio. Easy to read screens are important too.

And what are your favorite places to find interesting items to download.

1-31-11, 12:24pm
DH and I both have Sandisk MP3 players. His has a small video screen; mine is tiny (Clip model) and does not.
They are easy to use, require no proprietary software, and have batteries that recharge when connected to computer via USB. You can either load them through Windows Media Player or have them act as a hard drive and load them directly. They work with both Windows and Linux.

As for interesting things to download - NPR is where I usually look. But I mostly listen to music on mine, when outside walking.