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7-21-12, 6:55pm
I haven't posted in the boards since they were moved here, I was ThriftyinAustin, but go by SAVERSgirl now. I've lurked for awhile and thought I'd start posting again.

What a roller coaster year this has been for me and the hubs! Last October my car officially died so I donated it to public radio and started taking the bus to work. This has worked out to be a good thing because we've saved a lot on gas, insurance and maintenance. We also gave up cable, digital radio and the landline phone. It's a good thing we did because right after I got a promotion in February my husband got laid off from one of his part time jobs. His other job is as a substitute teacher, so right now things are pretty tight. We are hoping that he can get a teacher job this fall. I am so thankful for our frugal lifestyle which allows us to live on my paycheck. I've been blessed over the years from the wisdom and ideas from these boards, thank you!

Glad to be back!:cool:

7-21-12, 7:50pm
Welcome back to the boards...glad you're happy to be back!

7-22-12, 10:56am
Welcome back! I'm in Austin now myself--I love it. :cool: