View Full Version : Can you send a Valentine from your state to a very sick boy?

1-31-11, 10:18pm
I am not one to fall for scams at all, but a friend passed this on to me and it is clearly real. I could not help but be touched by this.


This 10 year old boy is terminally ill and his family is trying to do whatver they can to get through this nightmare. They have started a project with him, he is trying to collect postcards and Valentines from everywhere. If you have a moment could you send him one? Just a simple note will do, we drew a nice Valentine and shipped it off. For the price of a stamp you could help make this child's day. Honestly it made me hug my children and be grateful for the life I have today.

The family is asking that we spread this far and wide, his address is actually on the front page of her blog. Thanks.

1-31-11, 10:30pm
Absolutely I will send a Valentine.

2-1-11, 9:23am
Absolutely I will send a Valentine.

Thank you , and to everyone who read this and is sending one, thank you to you too. :) It is such a little thing we can do and you can see by his Mom's Blog they are so living for this right now.

6-24-11, 10:15pm
Currently they are working toward making a better tiger habitat in his memory as it was one of his last wishes.