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2-4-11, 3:24pm
Nice to be here and see some familiar names and postings...hi everyone! My big news is that I finally finished the novel I've been working on for 2.5 years and am editing the work, getting it ready for auditions with agents. Just amazing...I'm even still liking it. Please wish me luck, been the culmination of my writing career to write a full-length work, so I'm joyous and doing the happy dance.

Anne Lee
2-4-11, 11:34pm
Well done, Happy Hiker!

2-5-11, 9:59am
Wow! Amazing. Let us know when it is published! Hopefully some of us will even buy it and the rest of us will get it from the library. :laff: What is it about?

Float On
2-5-11, 10:10am
Congrats on the writing progress!

2-5-11, 1:02pm
Thanks, everyone! It is exciting, though a bunch of works lies ahead with the editing and the marketing. Right now I'm keeping the topic under wraps until its published...but if you've a curious, adventuresome mind, I'm hoping you'll like it. My writing group calls it 'lush and bold.' I call it a huge job I never thought I'd finish--but with their encouragement, I did!

3-7-11, 1:48pm
Great news on the novel! So nice to see you- and love the avatar!!!

3-7-11, 1:54pm
Can you tell us what kind of novel it is? I mean drama, historical, etc. Would love to know a bit more.

Sad Eyed Lady
3-7-11, 4:47pm
Congratulations on finishing the novel! Keep us posted as to the progress on getting it published. Yes, as Kally said, can't you at least give us a few hints?

3-7-11, 8:07pm
Congratulations Happy Hiker ..... from living with an author as she birthed a few I have seen what an adventure it is... writing being just the core of many facets to get done.
There have been many articles about self publishing and electronic book reader direct by author listings revolutionising publishing business of late. I have been forwarding to a friend who is near the end of a marathon to get her book edited. Not sure if it supportive or not to her at this late stage for me to be sending her alt distribution structures??
Evidently a day of research reports and I cannot structure a sentence...

3-30-11, 9:47am
Congrats kind one and many happy happies. grin

dado potato
3-30-11, 4:21pm
Adding my good wishes... I can't read a novel (The Sunday New York Times is about my limit.)... Writing a novel is an amazing achievement to me.

4-20-11, 10:08pm
Thanks so much for your nice and generous comments! The book's a work of futuristic fiction with a happier outcome than most I've read. The 'brave new world' I've created is one in which most of us would want to live...a kinder, gentler place, though missing Pad Thai and Pinot Grigio...

Been a bit depressed in shopping the book around to agents...prefer the writing to the marketing...but keeping a stiff upper lip and all...