View Full Version : Value of and "antique" quilt stand??

9-28-12, 11:14am
I have gotten rid of so much stuff over the past several years. We live out in the country and don't want to have a garage sale. I really don't want to deal with Craig's List either, so I've just donated everything to the local Goodwill-type place here, or the libraries. I do take a tax deduction from these donations.

I'm taking a load in this morning, which includes an old quilt stand that I got about 40 years ago. I was poor back then and tended to buy the cheapest stuff when I would go looking for old things. I think I paid $15 for it.
This quilt stand was never very functional, as it was built out of such light wood, that it would easily fall over. It looks like someone made it themselves out of cheap stuff. (haha...maybe that's what antiques are!) I won't ever use it. But.........I didn't want to give anything away that might be worth alot.
Any tips on assessing if this thing is valuable, without taking it around to places to get its value?

9-28-12, 11:16am
eBay is decent for getting an idea of what comparable items might be going for.

9-28-12, 11:41am
Thanks for the suggestion Tradd. I looked eBay over, and I'm thinking mine is probably worth about $1.50. haha I started looking at some online (new) for the weight, thinking that might tell me something. They varied in weight from 7# to 30#. Mine weighs 3#. I'm thinking it just isn't worth much, but I'm having a hard time parting with it. I don't know why. I haven't liked it for about 30 years. I have the feeling after its gone, I won't miss it. But still......... (Oh life can be hard for us hoarders!)

9-28-12, 12:10pm
You can just keep it if you want, and you do not need any reason. I recently got rid of nearly everything I had. I can no longer keep count of the times I have experienced deep loss over a handful of things that I need now.

You can always pass it on later, and if you can avoid even a little regret, well, that can only be a good thing, yes?

Float On
9-28-12, 12:19pm
If its three pounds then you are right it's pretty worthless as a quilt rack. Maybe bonfire supplies???

9-28-12, 12:38pm
Jilly.......I guess this is one of those things that I'm thinking I want to keep, just to avoid having to have any kind of separation anxiety at all. Believe me, the stuff that's REALLY important to me doesn't even get this far in the give-away process! I feel like I really have to push myself to deal with all the stuff I have. I think once I separate from it, I'll be okay..........and even happier. I'm sorry you lost so much that you regret now. I do have to be careful of when I get really into cleaning out stuff, that I don't give away stuff that I do regret losing. Sometimes that happens after I have caffeine. :)

Float On.......hahaha.....yes, I think its bonfire supplies. I told DH we should burn it, but he, being the much worse hoarder than I, said someone would like it........so it will soon be someone else's junk.....er, I mean treasure. :)

iris lily
9-28-12, 2:45pm
With nice antiques I have developed, in recent years, a respect for them, and I want them to go to live with someone who appreciates them if I no longer want them in my life.

But I also respect my own evaluation of things, and just because it's old doesn't mean that it is nice. Cheap materials and poor craftsmanship existed in the past and they irritate me. I have no problem using something like your quilt rack for firewood. That IS a useful end to it, that makes sense. But it also makes sense to send it to Goodwill (as long as they know what to do with it) because as popular as quilts are, someone might want it and use it.

I've got a lovely Victorian Walnut secretary and I was unable to drill holes in the back for tv cords. It would serve as the PERFECT tv cabinent. But I can't bring myself to deface it, even though it would just be two smallish holes, and in the back that has unfinished wood. But gnerations of people have had this thing and have not defaced it, and I will not be the pne who does. Besides, tv's are getting bigger and bigger and it will only hold a tv for a few years.

Float On
9-28-12, 5:03pm
There is also nothing wrong with taking it a part and working on one piece of the wood - add some old bent keys for hooks and you've got something old, rustic, handmade, to hang your car keys on by the back door.