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2-6-11, 11:17am
This is Miss Priss (aka Cleo) waking up this morning. Her 'brother' Tyrone, is currently napping in a pile of soft packaging materials.

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2-6-11, 12:29pm
My cat is galloping through our house, meowing wildly. She does this periodically. In a little bit she'll try to convince me that it's time for her lunch, even though she only gets fed morning and evening.

2-6-11, 1:58pm
Funny picture, Gina!

My two cats, I suspect, are plotting something devious, despite their mellow look:


Miss Cellane
2-6-11, 2:22pm
Fred is photosynthesizing. And snoring.


2-6-11, 4:10pm
My 2 buddies have gone to stay with my ex while I head south to do some art fairs. Smokey has been through this for many years, and she is OK with the change of scene, but little Harley cried a lot last night, poor baby! I wish I could bring them with me, I miss them so much! But for an artist, the place to earn catfood in winter is NOT in northern Indiana.
Not that I will miss the snow shovelling, of course!

2-6-11, 4:17pm
Theo is crying for his supper. The other boys are not in evidence and I am worried about what they are getting into.

2-6-11, 5:14pm
Mine is stalking the Basset. The Basset is asleep and oblivious to the hunt. The cat is most frustrated by this.

If I put down fresh water, the hound will wake, drink, load up her flews with water, then stalk the cat, attempting to drown it in slime. The cat really really hates that.

2-6-11, 6:11pm
Here's old Tyrone earlier today - just awakened from one of his several morning naps in the pile of soft packing materials. He lives to eat and sleep. (Yes, Tyrone's eyes are indeed that bright. :~))

Both cats are asleep again - in different places. They must sleep 22 hours/day.


early morning
2-6-11, 9:33pm
Mewey is sitting on a pile of wool, staring at me. I think we woke him up... Esmerelda Jones is curled up in the living room. Hillary is baking her head on the forced air duct...

2-6-11, 10:45pm
Well, it's 8:45ish, Idaho time (MST), the Super Bowl was over a short time ago (Yay Packers!), and Oscar-prettyboy and Cinda-prettygirl are both outside doing what they need to do before being locked up inside overnight. Albie, who really isn't ours but belongs to our back-yard neighbors (but he likes us better) is on my desk, lying across my arm, as I type this. He's a nuisance, but he's beautiful, as all cats are, and we do love him too.

2-8-11, 9:01am
6 year old Maggie (petite solid gray) is in the window watching the birds.
17 year old Thomasina (Tortoishell) is in my recliner snoring....yes she snores :-)
17 year old Ruby (Tortoishell) is in my husbands recliner taking a bath in between naps.

2-8-11, 2:47pm
Well, I'm at work and Abbie Dabbie Kitty Catty is at home. My guess is that she's probably napping on top of a register waiting for the heat to kick on. I had to take her in for surgery last week. A bump on her chest that we thought was BB last summer all of a sudden became an irregulary shaped lump - turned out to be breast cancer! She had a radical mastectomy on Friday, but came home Saturday. Awesome scar! Vet showed me the tumor - it would be bad (IMO) coming out of a human, much less a cat.

$306.00 - I figured it would be more. Our vet is the best.