View Full Version : Greywater, a tutorial of how to set it uo in your home...

10-16-12, 10:48pm

10-16-12, 10:56pm
Interesting! I've always wondered if it was extremely difficult to use greywater.

10-16-12, 10:59pm
I know I never understood how it could be set up...

10-17-12, 11:10am
It's really simple. We have the laundry heading out the back and the master shower to the front. Our sub-soil has a lot of clay so we are building a gravel swale in back and a gravel filled trench in front to make sure the water drains easily and is accessible to plants.

Float On
10-17-12, 2:01pm
When we were on a septic tank we set up a graywater line because if I was running the dishwasher, doing laundry, and someone was taking a shower water would seep up thru the ground below the septic. It was easy to set up and I wish we'd left it that way when we went on county sewer.

10-26-12, 8:28am
Thanks for this! (just catching up on my SLN reading)

So, I've spoken with DH about installing a greywater flow from my washing machine, which seems like it would be really pretty easy to do, but he is telling me we'd need a pump (the washing machine is in the basement, and the pipe would probably have to extend across the basement ceiling (it's an unfinished basement--I don't care about the aesthetics of it) and then out from there.

Any thoughts on that?