View Full Version : Let Us Meet Up In MINNESOTA

2-7-11, 5:03pm
I see there are a few people here from the land of the 10,000 lakes! Let us meet up some time in real life!!!

2-7-11, 5:18pm
Are you talking now or when we all thaw?

2-7-11, 6:28pm
Fun! I'm in! Especially when it warms up! :)

2-7-11, 10:17pm
Thaw?? Is that during that OTHER season. OH! ...during Road Construction season?

iris lily
2-7-11, 10:28pm
hey, we go to northern IOwa to visit DH's dad, we could come up to Minnestoa. But only if we met in the mecca of consumerism the Mall of America! just kidding.

2-7-11, 11:32pm
I'd be up for it! Spring or summer would definitely be better for me. Fun!

2-8-11, 9:29am
Sounds good!

2-9-11, 12:28pm
Will be in Mpls next month!

2-9-11, 1:48pm
But only if we met in the mecca of consumerism the Mall of America! just kidding.

Tee hee. :laff:

2-12-11, 12:27pm
Oh, I hope you all have a wonderful time! :-) I'm not too far away (Iowa), but I'm a little too green in the gills for a roadtrip at the moment. haha!

Anne Lee
2-14-11, 9:29am
I'm next door! I'd come over if the timing worked out. I have at least one class I have to go this summer.

4-13-11, 5:39pm

domestic goddess
4-17-11, 11:07am
I'm in Chicago, but y'all are tempting me.

7-31-11, 10:51pm
I'm still interested too!

8-1-11, 12:35am
I would go if it's at a good time/location, too. I've since checked out Silverwood Park and it is very nice!

8-10-11, 9:38pm
Just saw this. I too would love to put some faces to some names.

8-11-11, 9:25am
Well I'd be all over having it at Silverwood. It couldn't get more convenient for me than that. That's practically my backyard. I'm willing to go anywhere though.

11-8-13, 1:41am
Hello! Did you ever end up meeting?