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10-22-12, 5:51pm
I am about to retire and have been practicing "Simple Living" thru out most of my adult life.
I look forward learning new ideas in this forum. My wife and I have been simple and living below our
means which allow us to retire next year. We are in process of down sizing, but it is hard.
Thanks for a good forum

10-22-12, 5:58pm
Welcome, Birchwood! Looking forward to hearing about your experiences with simple living and your preparations for retirement!

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Welcome, Birchwood!

10-22-12, 9:13pm
Hi Birchwood! Looking forward to learning more about you! Jump right in!

10-22-12, 10:20pm
Welcome! There's lots of good information here. And I'm looking forward to your contributions, too!

10-23-12, 9:51am
Welcome Birchwood and congratulations on your upcoming retirement. Looking forward to having you share our discussions!

10-23-12, 10:39am
Welcome, Birchwood....love that screen name! I wish I was close to retiring. I look forward to your contributions. You'll find lots of great advice here.

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10-23-12, 11:29am
Hi! That is great that you have been practicing simple living for quite awhile. Think you will really enjoy it here, there are just so many great ideas!

10-23-12, 3:04pm
Thanks for the welcome. Nice group of folks here!
My wife and I started "simple living" many years ago, when everyone was into conspicuous consumption. We are both college graduates and I have a masters D. but we got tired of keeping up with the Jones's. We left Atlanta, although we were gainfully employed, and move to the midwest. We sold the big house, my sportscar(280Z), and decided to shop at JCPenney instead of Bloomngdale et al. We were lucky to find verygood high paying jobs and concentrated on building capital and investment. We kept about 50%of our net income, and bought a small condo. We divided the savings to Stocks, Mutual funds,Treasury direct, and cash. Our main emphasis is doing things, and not buying to impress the neighbors!

10-23-12, 4:20pm
Hi and welcome, great to have you here. Looking forward to hearing of your retirement.....how I wish I were FI and spending time my FT with causes I care about.....Rob

10-23-12, 5:00pm
Hi! I'm new here too!! Just looking for tips on frugality.

10-23-12, 6:16pm
Welcome, mikeymartin! You'll find some great tips here -- and maybe you can share ones you've figured out?