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1-1-11, 10:41am
cow-hiFormally Beststash. I took a short hiatus from the SLN network last year after realizing that I was getting much too serious and intolerant concerning our political situation.

I am retired (since 2003), live in Central Texas, cordwood house, turned 60 last month, married-no children, and I thought in conjunction with my 2011 resolution of being more tolerant I would come back to the forum. My wife and I have a wonderful simple life and I've missed everyone.


1-1-11, 10:49am
!pow! welcome back zigzag!

(formerly Ellen Thomas)

1-1-11, 10:56am
Welcome back! We've missed you.
Can I call you Ziggy?

1-1-11, 4:10pm
Howdy ZigZag, (Best) - I have taken myself off of public policy and am enjoying myself much more!
Catwoman (dana)

1-1-11, 5:47pm
Welcome back/forward, whatever. ; ) Do poke into the politics forum occasionally. We're just trying to "fix" the world. (and we will! I know we will!) Hey, if Alan and gregg and I can agree sometimes, things can't be all bad!

1-1-11, 6:01pm
:welcome: Good to see you again, Stash!

1-3-11, 2:09pm
Welcome back/forward, whatever. ; ) Hey, if Alan and gregg and I can agree sometimes, things can't be all bad!

Welcome back Best, we missed having you! I promise to try to adapt to zigzagman. Peggy has a point. Of course we try to not let that happen TOO often. As you know, a little fire at the right time can be a good thing!!!

Didn't know about your cordwood house until just now. I've built multiple strawbale homes, an earthship, a few smaller cob structures, etc., but have never done cordwood. Let's make it a point to talk about more than just politics in the reborn forums!

1-3-11, 4:25pm
Hi Catwoman - I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and Holiday season. If I remember correctly you live in the Corpus Christi area. A good friend usually bring me a box of navel oranges (Victoria) and this year wasn't able because of the really cold weather last year. :( And here we are again back in a drought.

Good to hear from you - if you get a chance there is scheduled to be a "Send the Hammer to the Slammer" party (Tom Delay sentencing) at Stubb's in Austin Sunday evening, 6:00, January 9, the day before Tomís sentencing hearing on the evening of the 9th. Come and bring friends!!

Peace and Love

1-3-11, 4:33pm
Can I call you Ziggy?

You can Alan, but I would much prefer "Ziggy Stardust":cool: Just kidding...


1-3-11, 4:36pm
Peggy - Love you, missed you, etc. Keep the faith!!


1-3-11, 10:00pm
Right back at you ziggy! cow-hi
Send the Hammer to the Slammer! I just LOVE that! I'll be celebrating here, on the 9th.
What do you suggest? Surely there are some jail house appropriate drinks to serve!

1-4-11, 1:38pm
Nice to see you here--and nice to see your namesake again. The last time we met I was considerably friskier and everything smelled like cannabis and patchouli. Good memories.

1-5-11, 8:39pm
Ziggy, although I don't disagree with the celebration on principle, I just can't do it, on principle, you understand. I will be at home celebrating the departure of Solomon Ortiz and his replacement with a good ol' Corpus Christi boy. I'm kidding : ) Trying very hard to stay apolitical except in my own backyard. Enjoy the wierdness of Austin!!!!