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2-9-11, 4:27pm
Out of the blue, DH learned that his employer is sending him to Europe on a buying trip. Though it sounds exciting, it turns out that his time there will be almost entirely spent with vendors. He did not have a passport so had to expedite that at a total cost of $210. I told him he should put that on his expense report since he wouldn't have gotten it otherwise. He thinks we should let it go since they are paying for most everything else. He will also have to buy a new suitcase and some clothes so the cost of this unexpected adventure is adding up. Whad'ya think?

2-9-11, 4:51pm
I believe the cost of the expedited passport (or maybe the cost over and above the regular 10 year passport fee) should be a justifiable expense. A whole lot more reasonable than some of the costs I have seen over the years.

2-9-11, 5:21pm
I think he should think of the passport as a legitimate expense - but the suitcase and clothes? Nope!
I travelled for work - to the middle east - I got nothing for clothing, but had my anti-malaria paid for.

Simpler at Fifty
2-9-11, 5:32pm
I agree to bill the company for the passport. Clothes and a suitcase would be milking it in my mind.

2-10-11, 2:36pm
It was only the passport I was considering so glad to hear everyone thinks that is OK to expense at least partially.