View Full Version : Give to the Max Day in Minnesota

11-15-12, 11:01am
I know us Minnesotans are quite well-represented on this board, so this won't be such an obscure suggestion. :)

Give to the Max Day in Minnesota is held in mid-November and is a great day to donate to a charitable/non-profit organization in Minnesota. In many cases, they've lined up matching funds for your donation, so your donation goes twice as far. The on-line site where you can donate is here (http://givemn.razoo.com/giving_events/GTMD12/home). It's only good till midnight tonight. I have no association with any of the recipient groups except that I give to some of them anyway and know some people who work at those organizations (friends, not family). Right now the leading benefactors are houses of faith, Second Harvest Heartland, arts groups, animal-rescue organizations, youth organizations, schools, ... pick it, it's probably there.

I hope this does not run afoul of any site regulations. it's a very good cause and i know many of us might like to contribute more to our favorite non-profits but don't always have the budget to do so.

11-15-12, 11:55am
In Seattle, it's called GiveBIG, and is in early May. Sponsored by The Seattle Foundation.