View Full Version : And the alternative stream of income continues.....

2-10-11, 6:20pm
Not getting rich here by any means, but some good news entered my life today! First, I was accepted into a focus group for February 22nd, 2 hours for $100, with the topic being Las Vegas, home of my ironic frugal vacation last October. And then today I receieved in the mail two 14 pound jugs of cat litter from one of the online marketing research companies I do surveys for - an in home product test. I'm liking the two month supply of cat litter for free, that's for sure!!!!! I only wish I would have signed up for doing these kinds of things sooner.....Rob of the North Rim Summer 2011

2-10-11, 8:04pm
Rob... always fun to get free stuff and $50 an hour is nothing to sneeze at either. Congrats!