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12-12-12, 11:43am
Hello everyone, I am in a stage in my life where I want to take a step back and simplify. Modern society has gotten out of control in my eyes & I worry for my kids. I am 34 yrs old and a lot of what I believe and think would be thought of as retro or square. I believe the family should have dinner together at the dinner table, I believe the only thing the wife should worry about is the tidiness of the house & dinner on the table. ( not because it is her place, but because I should be able to cover the finances and provide for my family, if she wishes to get a part time job for some extra spending money, then that is fine, she should enjoy life all I want is her happy) anyway I believe the kids should help out with chores. Family should be the core foundation of each of our lives. Not all of what I listed above has come to fruit in my household ,(my wife is working to help with finances, not for her spending money and the kids don't always do their chores, but we are close.) I look forward to sharing and reading threads from this forum.

12-12-12, 11:53am
You will have a lot of opportunities to discuss these perspectives here and more! Welcome aboard!

12-12-12, 1:04pm
Welcome Jph, nice to have you on board. We don't have children but I stay home or various reasons and I love the "square" life too! It will be nice to read your perspective on the boards...


12-12-12, 2:45pm
Welcome, Jpharper78! You will certainly find diversity of opinion and lively debate here, plus a wealth of information and genuine caring. Welcome again.

12-12-12, 3:55pm
Nice to have you on board! I'm looking forward to hearing more from you. :)

12-12-12, 5:00pm
welcome to the forum jpharper! There's nothing wrong with being a bit square... when I was in my twenties I was way 'cool', but I'm happy to say I've since grown up a bit! Being cool was actually very limiting, as I only wanted to spend time with other 'cool' peope (ie: bohemian arty drug-user types)... since then a few years have passed and I've become happily square, and I feel really grateful to have so many wonderful friends, most of whom are distinctly uncool... >8)

12-13-12, 2:44am
I was very much the same Lucas.

12-14-12, 6:34am
Welcome JP, looking forward to hearing more from you!

12-14-12, 7:31am
Welcome! I am looking forward to getting to hear more about you and your journey.

12-14-12, 10:49am
Welcome! I think you'll find yourself at home here!

3-11-13, 1:44am
Welcome.! Be happy with your family and be healthy your family

3-11-13, 7:05am
Welcome! I'm in my early 40s and have found that I care less and less about being geeky or square with every passing year.