View Full Version : Christmas Trees in the Woods

12-24-12, 4:13pm
Something I've really enjoyed this December is seeing the occasional random evergreen in the woods decorated for Christmas. It was so unexpected that I really got a kick out of it. We've seen three of them in Breakheart and two in Lynn Woods. So I was thinking that next year, I would like to decorate a tree, but do it for the birds, with ornaments made from pinecones, suet, peanut butter, seeds, etc. I think I would enjoy doing that.

iris lily
12-24-12, 4:39pm
I like that idea a lot. It's like a Random Act of Kindness only it is a Random Act of Decorating.

If we had any small evergreens in our neighborhood Park it would be fund to do, but unless I clean it up after January, it's just more litter.

12-24-12, 10:21pm
That so nice when it is unexpected. So festive too!

12-24-12, 10:31pm
This is something that DD and I would enjoy doing. I'll keep it in mind for next year. We would also do it for the birds in a decorative way. At DD's school book fair this fall, there was a new book about cooking for the birds, that had many interesting ideas for attractive ways to feed the birds. Author Adele Porter, Cooking for the Birds.