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12-26-12, 8:06pm
I read this forum for a few days and found several topics I thought would help me in my quest for a more mindful lifestyle, especially in the areas of financials and personal and family relationships, so decided to jump in. :)

12-26-12, 8:08pm
Welcome and looking forward to your input.

12-26-12, 8:10pm
Are you a guy? Maybe you could change your name to Heydude?

I kid. Welcome.

12-26-12, 8:12pm
Hi Forum, look forward to chatting with you. Glad that there are subjects here that you are interested, I'm sure as you follow along you will find many new and creative ideas...Christine

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12-26-12, 8:12pm
I'm not a guy, but don't mind if you call me Heydude.

12-26-12, 8:40pm
Hello Forum follower, maybe we'll end up nicknaming you FF, as we end up with nicknames for nicknames around here! :)

If you don't mind, what are some of the specific issues you have on your mind? If not, ok too!

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12-26-12, 9:03pm
Don't mind if you call me FF or Hey dude or whatever. I'm interested in some of the threads on budget and savings, I'm pretty good at keeping to my budget but need to continually work at it. I also am interested in the relationship issues, and getting feedback on things happening in my life, I've already read some posts from others with similar issues and found the feedback encouraging. Sometimes you just need unbiased opinions from others. Thanks for all the welcomes.

12-26-12, 9:09pm
I hear you on continually working on the budgets. I personally find the daily frugals thread to be most helpful for me in that respect. Sometimes I'll be standing in a store making X Y or Z decision and literally mentally crafting my post about it to the thread - and if that post comes up short, I pass! Doesn't always work, but often enough! :) Glad you are here!

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12-26-12, 9:21pm
There you are, I already have a new tactic idea, crafting the post is a good idea.

iris lily
12-26-12, 10:02pm
Glad you are here, hope to see your posts.

iris lily
12-26-12, 10:03pm
I'm not a guy, but don't mind if you call me Heydude.

Oh no we can't do that, haha! One of our long term members named HeyDude left. But it's great that you are here to take his place.

Float On
12-26-12, 10:24pm

12-26-12, 11:48pm
Welcome, Forum Follower! You'll soon get used to the running jokes interwoven through this board. One started long before I joined, but it has to do with an impassioned debate over salad spinners. Which, incidentally, I just read are great for extracting water from sweaters and delicates recently washed by hand. Who knew?

Anyway, welcome again and we're glad you're here.

dado potato
12-27-12, 1:31am
Adding my welcome. In case you don't know, there is a search function here on the forum, so you can look up what has been said here on anything from aardvarks to zygotes.

12-27-12, 3:00am
Welcome! Glad you are here!

12-27-12, 7:07am
Welcome aboard!

12-27-12, 9:22am
Hello and welcome to the boards, Forum follower! Great to have you here!

Sad Eyed Lady
12-27-12, 10:03am
Welcome - you have found a good community here.

12-27-12, 10:45am
Welcome! This community has been a real life-changer for me, I hope you find it just as enriching. Looking forward to getting to know you, FFHD!

12-27-12, 12:03pm
Welcome from the Pac NW, Forum Follower! Nice to have a new face among all us old-timers!

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12-27-12, 8:47pm
Thank all of you for all the welcomes, this certainly makes me feel glad I joined in. Thanks for the tips on the running jokes and the search function, I already feel enriched.

12-28-12, 10:14am
Welcome to the forum!

12-30-12, 1:12pm
I'm new to this forum. I've been practicing the steps from Your Money Or Your Life since 1992 and quit full time work in 2010. My husband and I live in Northern CA with our 2 special needs adult sons and I have a small financial planning practice. I'm looking forward to "meeting" all of you! Diane

12-30-12, 2:34pm
Hi Diane, welcome!

You'll find a lot of wonderful people, ideas, and resources here. Glad to have you with us.

12-30-12, 3:42pm
Welcome, Diane! I didn't follow YMOYL specifically, but my DW and I have managed our finances well enough that I was able to quit work last May. I'm looking forward to learning more about you as you post!

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1-3-13, 10:01pm
Hi Diane, Welcome.

1-4-13, 2:41pm
Hi Diane, welcome to the board. Looking forward to you input on things and chatting with you...

1-16-13, 5:14pm
I read this forum for a few days and found several topics I thought would help me in my quest for a more mindful lifestyle, especially in the areas of financials and personal and family relationships, so decided to jump in. :)

Hi forum follower,

Glad you jumped in. There is such a great crew of people hear living in a manner for up you to gain insight from them. I bet you have a lot to share too! Christine

1-20-13, 10:32pm
It's good to be here. I posted something a couple of weeks ago and can't find it. :) I've been practicing the principles from Your Money Or Your Life since 1992 and stopped working full time in 2010. It's fun to read your posts. I like reading about other people who live simply and are working to make the planet a better place to be.

Take care.

1-27-13, 8:45pm
thanks for the warm welcome!!!! Diane

1-27-13, 8:49pm
thank you Steve. Good job on being able to quit full time work last May. Most people I talk to will be working for many years to come. I'm happy our family made choices we did so we could leave full time work.

1-27-13, 8:50pm
thank you! Diane

1-27-13, 8:50pm
thank you. me too! Diane