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1-13-13, 6:20pm
I read here, but can no longer find it, that putting lime juice or orange peels in vinegar helps the vinegar clean. I want to know how long this can last before the lime juice or orange peel goes bad in there, or can it last something like months? I kept hoping the vinegar alone would really cut grease, but it hasn't been. Thanks.

1-13-13, 6:37pm
Was it this website that you were referring to?

1-14-13, 1:07am
Larknm. Even though this recipe is far from homemade, it's da-bomb, when it comes to cutting grease!

In a regular-sized cleaning bucket, fill with hot water, add a dash of dish detergent, and a teaspoon of ammonia.

1-14-13, 5:09am
The article doesn't indicate why, specifically, that combination of things is better than, say, any one of them, or, more specifically, better than just vinegar. I think, when the tale is told, that the lemon and lime juice are there for two reasons: (1) It sounds more like a recipe, and therefore a more weighty suggestion in the minds of many, to have three ingredients instead of just one; and (2) It smells nicer.

Straight white vinegar is a wonder.

1-14-13, 10:48am
Thanks, everyone. I'm on my way.