View Full Version : Uses for men's cufflinks?

1-17-13, 8:42pm
A friend and I were discussing the collection of men's cufflinks that we have at home that have not been in use for decades. Has anyone come up with a good purpose for them or must they simply be discarded?

Float On
1-17-13, 9:40pm
You could send them to my 15 year old...he loves cufflinks and is always on the hunt for french cuff shirts. I think his favorite christmas gift this year was a pair of cufflinks I ordered from a fellow Etsy seller - his initials in old typewriter keys.

Float On
1-17-13, 9:41pm
If they are meaningful, your father's or grandfathers you could display them in a shadow box or pillow?

1-17-13, 9:54pm
Depending upon the quality and your interest, you could always have them made into other bits of jewelry. Also, I love to wear cuff links. I no longer own an oxford shirt, but when I did, i preferred cuff links.