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Zoe Girl
2-17-11, 10:06am
I was really nervous but I am nor sure why. There were 3 of us running it and 2 of us are fairly new to this program. That makes some things easier and others harder. We had an ice breaker planned and an activity at the end (secretly designed to help me see how my different sites are working). Now before you say how much you hate staff meetings with games, our jobs are to play with and provide enriching opportunities for kids so we need to practice playing as professionals. I used a kids buzz words game and it was pretty fun, everyone ended up laughing (except maybe my one staff member who said she doesnt like the games, they are boring).

I got to talk a little over 1/3 the time, handle a few tricky things and then do the activity that was my idea at the end of the meeting. One thing I found out is that out of all the tasks my schools are supposed to do every month they are not doing them, and are not always really aware of the list. We gave them a list of what to turn in every month and we are now picking it all up instead having it filed at the site. One issue is the monthly nurse visit, some sites are not doing it because they have no kids on medication. So i think I was able to speak on that well with a suggestion from my supervisor.

So my thing at the end. Our staff should be doing what we call transitions, you have a group of kids waiting to wash hands or use the bathroom and we don't just let them stand and fidget. There are games and questions and things we do in order to keep them occupied and working as a group. I had each school get up and demonstrate one transition with a teacher and the rest of the staff being students. Well I can tell which sites are not doing transitions at all, and I already knew from observation. This was easier and made me less of the new boss who comes in with a harsh demeanor. Now I have to get all the required things from my sites, improve the transitions, support some more focused activities and basically make us look awesome for our grants!

2-19-11, 1:47pm
Sounds like you're doing really well, Zoe Girl! I think your ideas of getting staff to demonstrate their skills with other teachers so that you can help them do better is excellent. Also clearing up expectations will hopefully help a lot. Congrats on your great first meeting!

2-19-11, 2:03pm
I'm curious about the transition activities. I sometimes work with groups of homeschoolers on field trips or in a class who aren't used to having to stand in a line, etc. and I could use something to keep them from fidgeting in those situations.

Good job with the meeting.

Zoe Girl
2-19-11, 2:12pm
Transitions are great, I like it so much better than what I did as a teacher so many times which was just try to keep them quiet.

Some are traditional games that work in this setting, like I Spy or Simon Says. I have a way of doing it with our camps during holiday breaks that helps with larger groups. The kids have to have a body part touching the wall in order to guess in I Spy, then you don't get the crowd on you. I use a lot of the questioning ones like what can you put on top of ice cream, how many things can we think of that fly in the air, what do you see that is green, what shape would you make a gingerbread cookie, etc. One group did a hand jive where the leader did 3-4 movements and the group repeated. If a person made a mistake then they were the new leader. It can be reasonably quiet with that one since the loudest is a clap. It helps to have a few quiet/silent ones for visits to museums or libraries. I have had children silently follow my movements or practice sign language signs also.

2-19-11, 2:18pm
Cool stuff - thanks Zoe Girl!