View Full Version : Casulo Room In A Box

1-28-13, 7:14am

I was actually first introduced to this here in Simple Living forums over a year ago. I have been thinking about it recently and found the video online again. I would really like to know if these units are for sale to the general public yet and, if so, for how much - but I have been unable to find the answers online. Does anyone know? Or if anyone has better internet searching abilities than I do - can you find out? Would love to own at least one of these units! :)

1-28-13, 11:55am
Crazy-clever! Thanks for sharing!

1-28-13, 1:38pm
Did you try the email contact on the site?

1-29-13, 10:47pm
Found the Casulo website but doesn't look active. Hope for contact from there.

1-30-13, 7:40am
Super cool!

How about seeking the help of a craftsman to have your very own built, and probably for a lot cheaper than the original.