View Full Version : 100% cotton fabric versus Teflon treated ironing board covers.

2-18-11, 12:51pm
I've ironed clothes on both types of surfaces and although I love the gentle soft smoothness of a 100% cotton cover over a padded surface, there's just something about a Teflon treated surface that helps glide the iron over your work that much more speedier and easier. What's your take on this "versus" topic?

I ask because I'm in desperate need of a new ironing board cover (maybe a nice pad too), and was hoping for a little interjection from my trusty group of experts here! :)

2-18-11, 1:36pm
I like the teflon covers. I feel there is less chance of them burning (don't know if that is true or not though) and I like the feel of them better when ironing. Also, I feel like maybe the heat is bouncing back up onto the other side of the fabric while I am ironing (again I don't know if it really is). *S*

2-18-11, 1:41pm
My take is that when Teflon is heated, it gives off vapors.....(an overheated teflon coated pan on the stove can kill canaries or parakeets in the home, quickly). Given that the very act of "ironing" is going to heat that Teflon, just below where I'm breathing, I'd vote for the soft, cotton cover. Slick gliding of an iron isn't worth possible health dangers, to me. JMHO

makes me think...."canaries in the coal mine"....


2-18-11, 2:35pm
Hattie and LC, thanks! Yeah, exactly, with Teflon you get a sort of "double bounce effect" of heat through the item you're ironing. I like that part but didn't even think of the vapor concern. :(

My mom has a nice (homemade) pad and cover on her board and it's really nice, but a little thick for my liking. When ironing shirts, creases tend to happen (a lot)! That part I don't fancy Re: soft padded covers and pads... Hmmm, things to think about.

The sun is shining, the coffee tastes great, and in ode to this thread I've chosen a suitable selection (music) to kick off the topic! LC, you made me think of it with your "canaries in a coal mine" comment! :)


2-18-11, 2:40pm
To add, Hattie, yes, Teflon covers withstand greater heat than cotton, at least from my experience they do. I've left my hot iron (flat) on the surface (Teflon cover) for short periods (tending to my kids in a hurry) and no burns. Maybe just luck...

2-18-11, 7:19pm
I try to avoid ironing altogether. ;)

early morning
2-18-11, 7:22pm
I have an old wooden ironing board. I save old cotton sheets, fold them double or triple, and use thumbtacks to stretch the sheet across the board and tack it to the underside. I've never liked anything else. I hate the teflon and its smell.

2-18-11, 7:32pm
I have an old wooden ironing board (and an old iron from 1944 to go with it), and I've been needing a cover for a long time. I love your solution, early morning! Off to find an old sheet.... :o)

2-18-11, 10:45pm
folkypoet: I really enjoyed your Antique Photographs blog. Nice Work!!!

2-18-11, 11:22pm
Thanks, Hattie! I love sharing my old photos. :o)

2-19-11, 4:59am
I use an antique wood ironing board also. It is the perfect height and not "shaky" like some of the modern ones. It must have about 10 layers of various covers on it. We all just kept adding a new cover when the old one was is full of holes.

2-20-11, 1:28pm
For the lucky few here who are lucky enough to have old antique wooden ironing boards, where did you get yours from? I'm so jealous! If I could find one would I be looking at a lot of money to buy one?

As expected I'm nothing short of impressed with all the helpful advice and ideas. (LC, thanks for the great link)!

Tammy. You stinker! :~) Unfortunately not ironing is not an option for me. Just can't stand the thought of poor old DH having to attempt pressing a dress shirt of his all on his own! :) Come to think of it, I wouldn't be able to stomach seeing DH leaving the house all wrinkled and twisted up!

Folkypoet. Welcome aboard the SL ship! (I'll be sure to check out your antique photographs). I'm thinking that old 1944 iron you have must be weighty! And made to last forever. Please tell me more about the iron.

2-20-11, 2:15pm

Tammy. You stinker! :~) Unfortunately not ironing is not an option for me. Just can't stand the thought of poor old DH having to attempt pressing a dress shirt of his all on his own! ...

ha! we are in a stage of life where we don't have to wear clothing that needs pressing. DH is a pedicab driver http://www.azpedicab.com/ and I'm a psychiatric nurse manager. I can choose to wear scrubs or professional clothing, as I am in the middle of both worlds, so I choose the scrubs. DH chooses the jeans, shorts, t-shirts, etc. I love it!

there was a time when we both had to dress differently for our jobs, and I did iron then. reluctantly!

2-20-11, 3:30pm
Oh, totally cool job your husband has!!! Love the link! Wow! I think I could learn to really love and appreciate such a job. Putting a little sunscreen on, donning a nice wide brimmed hat, then getting lots of healthy exercise and fresh air while meeting all sorts of people. Thanks for the link.

I actually envy you for being able to curtail your lifestyle towards a more simplified and relaxed format. P.S. I'd choose scrubs too if given a choice! (Smart choice there Tammy)! :)

Somehow ironing provides me with a sense of calm and peace. There's a real sense of solitude I get from it. I have to be in the mood mind you, but once I'm past the visual workload sitting at my feet in a basket, I get into a sort of "groove" where I just press happily. Listening to music really helps! I catch myself humming and singing as I'm ironing all the time! :)

2-20-11, 3:40pm
we have been married almost 30 years. the simplicity was much easier once the kids were out of the house.

2-20-11, 3:47pm
Originally posted by Tammy.
we have been married almost 30 years. the simplicity was much easier once the kids were out of the house.I'm going to remember that. I hope simplicity eventually visits our house as well in due time. :)