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2-21-11, 11:38am
This is disturbing. I don't know anyone myself who does this, but even if I could, I wouldn't. This child did not appreciate her party. She cried because the bird on her cake was purple instead of blue! FYI if you watch the video it has a commercial in front of it.http://abcnews.go.com/GMA/parents-spend-big-bucks-outrageous-kids-birthday-parties/story?id=12961352&page=2

2-21-11, 12:16pm

I'm glad all those kids are at those elaborately-planned parties....because it keeps them far away from me. :)

2-21-11, 12:51pm
I remember one of my daughters parties around that age - we didn't even bother with a cake, we knew kids that age would eat a bite or two and the rest would hit the trash.

We let them decorate homemade cupcakes, they had a blast.

Someone could have sent their kid to a four college on what they spent for one afternoon.

Now that they set the bar - and they've probably permanently linked this child's sense of self-worth to how much stuff she gets - what will they do for her 7th birthday?

2-21-11, 3:01pm
Nauseating. Spending the equivalent of my year's worth of mortgage for a SIX YEAR OLD?!? I spent a fraction of that for my wedding...

2-21-11, 6:14pm
That's really horrendous...the cost of that party equaled over two years of my salary! I feel sorry for kids with parents like that; what are they going to do when they're out in the "real" world later on? This could be a new form of child abuse in a way ~ the affliction of affluence and unreasonable expectations about the world...

2-21-11, 6:41pm
The child's reactions are horrendous also.

2-21-11, 7:14pm
stupid, stupid, stupid.

3-2-11, 7:42pm
It reiterates to me why our world is SOOO SCREWED UP!

3-11-11, 11:11am
Have you ever seen My Super Sweet Sixteen? I saw a clip of a party where the birthday girl went into a fit of rage (shouting, crying, calling her mother stupid!) because her parents had presented her with her brand new car at the start of the party instead of at the end. What the hell...?