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2-21-11, 8:35pm
This has some naughty language, but it's fun.


I think it spells it out pretty well. ;)

2-21-11, 8:47pm

2-21-11, 8:49pm
I will never spend hundreds of dollars for this gadget. Maybe if it and the service plan was available for, say, $35 a month.

2-21-11, 9:23pm
Maybe if it came without a service plan with a pay per use (prepaid) version :)

The modern world is like people decided they didn't have enough bills as is. It's not enough to pay the gas bill, pay the electricity bill, pay the rent/mortgage. No, lets have even more regularly re-occuring monthly bills. Why considering everyone's well known affection for bills, if some are good, more must be better! (sarcasm) I mean ok not if you use instead of a landline I guess but.... The bills, the bills, the bills than kill ....

steve s
2-23-11, 12:49pm
My favorite quotation about iphone users,I cant remember the source.

"Quit telling me about your iphone. It's just a damned phone. It's not like YOU invented it or something."

2-23-11, 1:06pm
It's almost as if it is chic to be anti-iPhone.

2-23-11, 2:06pm
There's almost always an anti-chic backlash when something is so popular.

But I also think it's healthy to know that others also see the emperor has no clothes: Contrary to what its supporters might fervently believe & preach, this piece of equipment, this new expensive hunk of petroleum products and rare earth metals is not vital to our survival & happiness.