View Full Version : How many visits/check-ins do you make here a day?

2-23-11, 12:45pm
I was quietly laughing to myself about this just now thinking, I used to be an umpteen dozens of times each day kind of member back when the old forum was still alive, here on the other hand I try and restrict myself to once- maybe twice a day (mornings/evenings), however I've been slipping lately and going back to my old ways, multiple visits when I can (in between chores and cooking and tending to family).

2-23-11, 1:03pm
way too many. I should check once a day, but I work on the computer in the day and it is just a nice break.

2-23-11, 1:07pm
LMAO! Me too Kally! Sometimes I feel guilty not logging in, like I'm snooping or something, but there are times I don't have time to actually login and post, so I simply drop by to spy. :)

2-23-11, 5:06pm
I usually check in three times a day, assuming I have time -- once in the morning before work (sometimes twice -- a bit at home before I leave and a bit at the office before my workday officially starts), once at lunch and again in the evening. I am a mod and I try to keep an eye on things when everyone else is sleeping, so that is part of it. But I also like coming in and seeing what new ideas/comments have been added.


2-23-11, 5:18pm
I pretty much always check in once a day unless we are out of town visiting DD and grandkids, or just gone for the day grocery shopping, library visiting, doctor visits, or whatever. Sometimes twice a day or more when I am home all day. I always find it to be a nice break from the routine of my day. :) When the weather gets warmer and I am busy outside with gardening I usually don't check in at all until late evening.

2-23-11, 10:00pm
Ihamo and Wildflower. I thought if I started up a thread topic like this it would somehow ease the level of guilt/embarrassment I carry around with me knowing I just can't stay away from here! A way to justify all my visits if you will. :)

iris lily
2-23-11, 10:19pm

sad, innit?

2-23-11, 10:38pm
Originally posted by Iris Lily.

sad, innit? Nope! Not at all! :laff:

2-23-11, 10:41pm
I don't really know. It depends on the day and what else I'm doing. It makes a nice break for a few minutes between other tasks. :)

2-24-11, 7:59am
Too many for me. Considering a morning media prohibition. My morning always goes so much better when I don't get online. Having said this, I will point out that it is now 6:58 :)

I am almost compulsive about several sites, including this one. We were out of town for four days over the weekend with no Internet and at first I was MAD (we were supposed to have it, but turned out there wasn't any in our unit). But in the end, it was better. I would have just frittered away all the time we had at the unit on the Internet instead of sewing or reading or just being with my husband. And then I would have felt bad.

Ok too long of an answer!! :D

2-24-11, 12:40pm
Well good morning to you Gina and Fidgiegirl!!! Indeed, this place does make for a great place to exercise a little break time or short rest time from other domestic duties. I know cause I do it all the time!!! :D

FG. Please don't do a morning media prohibition. We all need you here whenever you can be here! :)

2-24-11, 12:59pm
My first thought was 'far too many!' But I usually check in twice; at midday if I am able to be home for lunch, and then in the evening. I don't have computer access at my office so I need to check email at least twice a day. Of course I certainly do NOT have to check in here but I find that I miss seeing/hearing about what is going on it I don't check in.

When I consider it, it seems kind of weird to check in on people whom I don't actually KNOW but I do it anyway.

2-24-11, 3:20pm
I check in here 3 to 4 times a day. I am addicted that's for sure!

2-24-11, 3:51pm
Hi Leslieann and Libby! :) I'm addicted too! But it's a good addiction. Nothing weird about checking in LA. SL curious minds want to know. :D

2-24-11, 5:37pm
Probably 3 or 4 times a day. Which is 2 or 3 times more than I used to do on the former boards - but as I am now a mod, I feel impelled to show willing!

2-25-11, 11:24am
Hi Ishbel! :) If the frequency of your visits were anything less I'd be disappointed! :laff: By the way, congrats on becoming a forum moderator. I think you'll make for a great one!