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2-24-11, 4:20pm
Hi all!

Just wanted you to know that I started the day watching a financial program telling that oil is over $100 a barrel, the banks are in worse shape than they were in the crash of 2008, and the market has had triple digit losses in the last 2 days. I was telling my husband all this and commented that the Mayan calendar says the world will end in 2012. His comment .... "hey, I think we have enough saved to make it that far!" LOL.... It is all a matter of perception! Please join me in my "happy dance"! I have "OFFICIALLY" retired! :+1:

2-24-11, 5:07pm
:cool: Yay!

2-24-11, 6:57pm
Enjoy! Don't make the same mistake that I made and get over-involved at the outset and then have to cut back. Take it slowly and be really, really, really sure that you want to do whatever you are contemplating.

2-24-11, 9:41pm
... and the Mayan calendar doesn't really say that. But it's good to prepare nonetheless!

2-24-11, 10:25pm
I think the Mayan calendar just indicates the end of an era. Let's hear it for new beginnings!

2-24-11, 11:01pm
Enjoy your new life....

2-24-11, 11:51pm
Let go and have fun....

Here's wishing you a soft landing. ;)


2-25-11, 1:59am
hey, congratulations...........the world's been going to h*ll in a handbasket for quite a long time, in many various and sundry ways......possibly for numerous generations, and somehow, we always manage to figure it out, and these times are probably going to work out o.k. as well......

enjoy yourself.....don't overcommit, allow yourself time to relax enough to get bored first.......and have a good time!

2-25-11, 8:44am
LC, that is great! I am so happy for you! I hope you get great enjoyment from all your newfound time. :-)

2-25-11, 10:15am
HEY Frugal One! I am so happy for you! "WOOT WOOOT!!!" Thats the sound my son always makes when he does the happy dance.

Enjoy every minute!

2-25-11, 10:57am
Thanks all! I do have a tendency to overcommit.... good suggestions. Right now I cannot even contemplate being bored??? The sun is shining today and I feel great! So happy... :)

2-26-11, 10:33am
What are your plans for the future?

2-26-11, 3:55pm
I just realized I addressed LooseChickens in my post, frugal-one! Sorry about that! Anyway, I'm still happy for you (and am for you, too, LC, when good things happen for you :-) )

I agree with other posters about not overcommiting. I think some people become busier in retirement than they ever were while working simply because it seems like they have all this time to say "yes" to things. It seems wise to first think about how you would like to spend your time before making any commitments. If you are the kind of person who finds it hard to say no, start practicing now, because people will ask you to volunteer and do other things for/with them if they know you have free time--and you probably won't want to/can't do it all.

Ah, enjoy this exciting and restful time in your life. You have earned it!

2-26-11, 4:37pm
chrisgermany.... my short term plans are to study about things that interest me or that need to be done. I have already taken 2 short "courses". The first was about juicers and raw foods. (so-so) I just got back from an excellent course "Wills and Other Important Documents". I have already printed out all the Power of Attorney forms needed for my state. I now understand more about the value of a will, probate property and non-probate property. I have more of an understanding of estate taxes (federal and state), capital gains and gift taxes. My goal next week is to get these forms completed, contact banks, credit unions, and brokerages to get "pay on death" and "transfer on death" beneficiary forms ... to avoid probate on these accounts. I will get a sample will and complete. Then... I will contact an attorney to check over all to be sure I have done it right. This should save us a few bucks! I also have a "procedure" scheduled for next week to fix my broken nose ... I can't breathe right so might as well get it taken care of now. Then I will get taxes done. That should take me to the middle of March. I usually plan and fill the calendar with things we can do in the summer ... mid-March. That is always fun to check what is going on! That is enough to work on for now. Sorry you asked??? >8)

Blackdog Lin
2-26-11, 8:30pm
Ditto congratulations! I am so happy for you - and hope to join you, 3-15 mos. away, depending on what comes up.

(How scary is it? Did you make plans for keeping-busy, or staying-active/healthy, or bringing-in-extra-money? I'm freaking at this point, trying to consider my retirement life. Could you maybe give us some talking or thinking points?)

2-27-11, 9:28am
Blackdog Lin... The only thing that is scary to me is the economy. I have been collecting sustainable living books to learn how to cook from scratch and frugality. I also have been studying (and will do more of now) natural and herbal healing. My thought is that if things get too bad I should be able to eat and take care of minor medical problems. These things are good to know either way! I was off work once for a year. I cried when I had to go back to work. I have no problem finding things I enjoy to do. At this point, I have no plans to work again but.. never say never. I would rather spend less and not work. I do not need material things or do I keep up with the "Jones's". A few things we will do that we have not done before is get a state park pass and take the dog for hikes and go foraging. I will also check out the libraries and senior centers in the area to see what free classes they are offering. You may want to check books on the subject of retirement that ask questions to let you determine if you are ready to retire. I wish you well in your decision!!!

2-28-11, 6:36pm
Any book recommendations frugal one?

Blackdog Lin
3-1-11, 5:18am
Thank you frugal-one for the response. Along with you I have a handle on not needing the material things or keeping up with the Jones' - but also along with you I worry terribly about the economy (i.e. inflation).

Ah, well - I'll just wait and see what develops in the next couple months. I really think it's time to go, after 31 years of working at the same job, in the same building, in the same town.....

3-2-11, 8:34am
Congratulations, nothing beats the freedom. And as I tell my friends, you never know how many summers you have left, why spend them at work?

3-2-11, 5:16pm
Bke.. I read lots of books but, not like others here, have not written them down. Nothing comes to mind that stood out specifically.

dmc ... thanks... that is the main reason I retired. My health scare made me think about what if my life ended today. I have too many things I want to do and work is not one of them!