View Full Version : College Grad Gift Suggestions?

5-9-13, 11:43pm
OK I'm hoping some of you have advice for this one...

Our very artsy niece is graduating from college (theater arts major). I want to give her a gift that will teach her about money and investing (all the stuff that I didn't know about until I hit my 30s), maybe a book or something, but a gift that's not too boring either. We are big Dave Ramsey debt-free living fans but I think his Christian POV might scare her off at this point in her life. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated! Thanks.

5-9-13, 11:58pm
I gave my brother YMOYL for his high school graduation. I notice it is still on his shelf, and he is NOT someone who is attached to stuff, so something about it must have struck a chord with him.

I liked a book called Debt Free by 30 or something like that when I was in my mid-20s. Didn't quite make it, but almost. :) The book might be a bit outdated by now. I'm 34.

Apart from that, cash . . . :)

5-10-13, 11:39am
Hey that's a great idea, thank you!

5-14-13, 12:07am
Find something that is from the heart, but also useful for her new career.