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2-26-11, 12:03pm
Anybody know where to find cheap vacuum bags? Anybody ever make their own or resuse their vacuum bags?

I'd be looking for type S.

2-26-11, 12:15pm

2-26-11, 12:18pm
Have you looked online?

I have re-used bags. I've cut across the entire bottom to make a very clean cut, emptied the bag completely (outside the house), and shaken it, tapped on it as much as possible without damaging it (punctures will allow dust to escape that could hurt your machine when in use), but to get out as much fine dust as possible. Then folded and resealed the bottom well with duct tape. Any residual dust will make the tape stick less effectively, so wipe off the outside surface first.

I currently use another machine w/o a bag (hepa filter - which I rinse periodically) and don't remember how many times I reused bags. Not more than 2 or 3 times since they tend to get worn and harder to re-seal.

2-26-11, 1:11pm
We have a couple of vacuum cleaner outlets (places) in our area that carry a ready supply of replacement everything related to vacuums, so once a year (or so) I drop in and pick up a pack of filters and bags for my canister vacuum. Very affordably priced. I've never reused a bag ever.

2-26-11, 3:27pm
I've ordered vacuum cleaner bags online for a number of years. I've ordered both from online shops and sellers on ebay.

early morning
2-27-11, 12:06pm
I have a 45+ y/o filter queen, and for the last 5 yrs or so have managed to find boxes of unused filters at yard sales -for which I am VERY grateful! I do use them multiple times, always have, and have not, apparently, hurt the machine by doing so ;) I empty the machine outside, gently brush or beat the filter cone, check for holes or worn spots, and put it back in if it's still good. Of course, I'm not vacuuming daily- once a week at best. We do have a cheap, re-usable filter machine we use on the living-room rug.

2-27-11, 12:06pm
I reuse my vac bags endlessly--the last one was for most of a year andd would still have gone on I think. I take them outdoors, and shake and pull the dust and dog hair out over the garbage can. I think the advice to use the bags only once benefits only the vac cleaner companies--I've never had a problemw with my cleaner and a box of bags lasts years. Miele cannister.

2-27-11, 1:15pm
Just for kicks, I just finished pulling out the new vacuum cleaner bags (I recently purchased) and rather than carrying the name "Electrolux" on them, the name reads "Genuine". Irks me to say the least, even though I was aware of the lesser name brand when I purchased them. The part that irks me is, the bags, probably, are half the price to manufacture as compared to genuine Electrolux bags (cheaper paper, etc), yet retail wise, the markup is more than likely the same with only a marginal price difference in the way of savings for the consumer.

3-9-11, 11:21pm
I decided it was a bad idea to make my own so bought some from Walmart. The last one that was in my vacuum cleaner had a broken seal so was probably blowing dust back into the air. No wonder my allergies acted up every time I vacuumed...lol. Make sure you check that seal if you keep using the same bag.

3-10-11, 12:17am
Excellent point about the seal Simplelife4me. Whenever I change the bag I wipe all around the round rubber seal with a damp cloth to remove dust and fluff that accumulated since the last bag change, then I drop in the new bag and clamp the lid back down into place.

I was just watching Hometime a few days ago and they were following the installation of a central vac system in a newly built home. According to Dean (the host) a high-end central vac system removes 99% of all dust and allergens from the air as well as whatever one is vacuuming, and the other 1% is blow directly outside. It's a 100% pure clean system.

3-10-11, 10:24am
I think there was something in the Tightwad Gazette about re-using bags. Maybe that could be a reference for you, too! :-)

Float On
3-10-11, 12:13pm
I bought a bagless last time and hate it when it comes time to empty it. Really kicks up the allergies and I have to take my allergy meds before attempting the 'clean out'. Always puts me in a foul mood. Next time, I'm going back to a bag one is we still have any carpets (down to 3 rooms and a hall).

3-10-11, 1:19pm
@float on--I know what you mean! We have a bagless, too. I read a tip once that said if you mist some newspapers with water and then empty the canister on that, the moisture helps dust from flying everywhere. I have not tried it, but it seems like it might help some.

3-10-11, 5:56pm
I have an old vacuum and I reuse the bags - I probably haven't put a new one in a year, and I vacuum a lot. I empty the bag into the worm compost and everthing disappears in a couple of days. It is pretty dusty but luckily it doesn't seem to affect me.

3-16-11, 3:37pm
i just bought more vacuum bags which are getting cheaper quality wise; my vacuum does leak but i don't think its enough to get my knickers in a knot; though dh would like to get a new one; i looked at refurbished vacuums in this store; they wanted 400.00 for a used vacuum; what are they kidding?