View Full Version : Companies to Charity MISLEADING (Dawn Wildlife Campaign)

2-26-11, 5:58pm
I keep seeing this and it bugs me. The classic example is the Dawn liquid dish liquid. The bottles have pictures of wildlife on the outside with the advertisement that if you buy a bottle of Dawn, they will give $1 to help support/save wildlife.

But it is extremely misleading.

Upon further investigation (reading the small print on the bottle), they will only give the $1 to wildlife if you go online and punch in a code from the bottle. In addition, the company will only give $500,000 total to the fund. If they sell more than 500,000 bottles, they will not give that "$1 per bottle" anymore.

SOOOOOOOO why don't they just say, on the bottle, that they will give 10 bucks, hell say 100 bucks per bottle with the $500,000 cut off.

Or better yet, just give the $500,000 dollars and end it. I dislike how they use "charity" to market their products.

2-26-11, 8:41pm
Yup, it's ridiculous. And gives fundraising a bad name overall.

Anne Lee
2-26-11, 11:01pm
Well, they DO say on the bottle. It's just not very large.

Corporate philanthropy is as much PR as it is philanthropy. I dunno. I'm not necessarily against it because there are some causes related to my job that are supported by corporate philanthropy. In a free market system, it's caveat emptor all the way.

2-26-11, 11:06pm
You can always use your power as a consumer to purchase from a company who will not give a half million dollars to charity. That'll show em.

2-27-11, 6:26am
I like the yoplait one where you mail in the lids. What a great job that would be. Opening up envelopes of lids that people have licked and put in an envelope. Yuck.

2-27-11, 1:05pm
I blame consumers for much of what we see in the way of crooked and corrupt marketing strategies today. If consumers banded together as one and took hold of misleading companies by the shirt collars, we'd see less of it, but as long as we the consumers pretend everything is all rosy and sweet, this sort of thing will continue to carry on and thrive. It's unfortunate.

2-27-11, 1:59pm
One of my pet peeves is companies "leveraging" employee charity giving and volunteering. Often they seem to take credit for it when the only connection they have to it is that the givers work for them.