View Full Version : I had a great day at my weekend job

Zoe Girl
2-26-11, 11:03pm
Nice switch from my regular attitude huh,

So we celebrated Dr. Suess' birthday at all the Target stores and we had the best decoration I have seen in 4 years and the best give away bags this year. There were 3 of us who planned to read stories and 2 other people who read a book each. Not easy to read Dr Suess ya know so I appreciated it. Did I mention I was in charge of the project? It is well planned but it was great to be in charge (and I got a new t-shirt for work). I was a little bummed because the fabulous display was already supposed to go to a local elementary school when I realized how perfect it would be for my weekday job since I have 4 schools I supervise after school care at. Then my bf's daughter called me and said she got the one from her target store for me!! Yeah!!!

And then without wishing anyone harm or ill I did find out one person was fired from the store. It was overdue in some cases but he always was not quite over the line before I guess. Still it makes me feel good since the rest of us work so hard and are glad to see a standard upheld. Plus the stress level was waaaay down, not in a mean gossipy way but really getting rid of a difficult person makes a huge difference. I hope that he learns something important from this and can move on well.

2-27-11, 3:53am
Good to hear you had a great day! :)

2-27-11, 6:30am
Good to hear!