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5-29-13, 8:06pm
And I feel fine!!!!!

After 4 months of trying to reach a deal, we finally sold our house today! The proceeds from the sale of the house will be used to pay off the restaurant some time next week-as soon as the paper work is done and today's check clears.

We will be 100% debt free and worth more than we ever dreamed possible. Not FI3 yet but getting so much closer.

I seriously couldn't have done it without this YMOYL group. Hell, I wouldn't have even dreamed it was possible without all of you. I couldn't wait to get home and tell you all the good news. I know the people we're surrounded by IRL are going to be jealous and resentful and not the least bit supportive. But you guys, you guys get it.

Where is the smiley icon popping the bubbly open? Moderately priced bubbly of course!

5-29-13, 8:13pm
Bke soooooooooo happy for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

5-29-13, 8:20pm
Wonderful news, and yes, we get it. Congratulations!


5-29-13, 8:31pm

5-29-13, 8:35pm
Finally - congratulations!

Blackdog Lin
5-29-13, 8:53pm
100% debt free?!!! WITH an income-producing business? You go girl! It is such an awesomely freeing feeling! Adding my happiness for your success.

Where will you live now?

5-29-13, 9:16pm
Way to go!

5-29-13, 9:49pm
http://www.kolobok.us/smiles/artists/just_cuz/JC_you_rock.gif http://www.kolobok.us/smiles/artists/laie/cava.gif http://www.kolobok.us/smiles/artists/laie/Laie_16.gif http://www.kolobok.us/smiles/artists/fool/alc.gif

iris lily
5-29-13, 10:43pm
So great! There has been oodles of good news on this site in the past few days, way to go!

5-29-13, 10:45pm
So great! There has been oodles of good news on this site in the past few days, way to go!

I was thinking the same. It's awesome!

5-30-13, 12:22am
Congratulations, bke! and dumb question, but now you've sold your house, where will you live? if you feel like saying -

5-30-13, 1:29am
Whoo hoo! More good news! This is so awesome.

If I recall correctly, bke and her family moved to live in the same building their restaurant is housed in sometime back.


5-30-13, 2:24am
Super great news. Very,very glad for you and your new rung on the ladder!!!

5-30-13, 7:26am
You absolutely Rock!!! We do get it! And we're genuinely happy!

5-30-13, 8:28am
If I recall correctly, bke and her family moved to live in the same building their restaurant is housed in sometime back.

This is my understanding as well. I was just telling bke's story to my DH! I was like a proud momma. ;)

5-30-13, 9:13am
Thanks everyone. For years my dh has walked around with very little money in his pocket. I'm the one who pays for everything when we go shopping or out to eat. Last night we walked into the house and I went and got dh a decent amount of money to put in his wallet and told him to never feel like he was broke again. He has access to all our money but hasn't carried much running-around money in years. It felt so good, I cried.

For those of you that don't know, we do live at the restaurant. 2 1/2 years ago we sold our house on a land contract, remodeled at the restaurant and thought we had simplified to the point we could pay the place of fairly quickly. Well we got the house back through a bankruptcy and have been trying to sell it for the last 9 months.

When we that final payment next week we will have a paid for home and a business that is paid for as well. 13 years ago we had an income of $15, 000. I found the SLN and YMOYL because every penny counted and we were struggling to pay for the basics. At the time I was just trying to figure out how to buy diapers and pay the rent. Our current income will double as of next week and we will be able to save a large sum of money for retirement. We bought the restaurant 11 1/2 years ago and have been obsessed with becoming debt free ever since.

5-30-13, 9:28am
Well done!!!!

5-30-13, 12:13pm
You are super fabulous! :) Congratulations!

5-30-13, 9:46pm
Totally awesome!!!! Congratulations!

5-31-13, 9:19am

5-31-13, 3:08pm
The check has cleared, the paper work is ready. I cried on the phone when I asked the accountant for the final figures. Tonight we will pay off the restaurant. I am so freaking thankful that we've reached this point in life.

5-31-13, 10:02pm
Great to hear such awesome news! You worked very hard to get where you are at, and today it's finally TANGIBLE.

5-31-13, 10:35pm
bke, you should cry!!! :) You are an inspiration to me! I hope you know that! Look at your hard work and planning and you have a huge burden off of you, AND in the process you are living a fulfilling, mindful life with your lovely little family. HUGE HUGS FOR YOU, DH AND DS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

early morning
6-1-13, 12:17am
woohoo - that is WONDERFUL!! You are truly an inspiration to LOTS of us!!

iris lilies
6-1-13, 1:48am
This is such a big deal, wow! I'm so glad you shared this wonderful news.

6-1-13, 9:00am
This is amazing news! Good for you and it is definitely ok to cry, it took a lot of hard work and sacrifice but you did it :) Thank you for sharing this with us :)

6-5-13, 1:42pm
Thanks everyone from the bottom of my heart. Dh called one of his brothers and shared the good news. Other than my parents and the accountant, we've kept this quiet. We're afraid it will just breed resentment and negativity IRL. But that makes being able to share it with you all that much more special. Its amazing how close you can feel to a bunch of people you've never met.

Fidgiegirl-I don't know what to do other than blush and say thank you. You've always been there cheering me along. I can't tell you how many times I felt like we were taking 2 steps forward and 3 steps back. You and the rest of the contributors on the daily frugals always inspire me to keep marching forward.

Now its time to focus on the FREEDOM FUND! I want out of this soul-sucking full-time employment crap as soon as humanly possible!

6-5-13, 6:56pm
And you will do that freedom part as well! Congratulations on your success so far, bke.

6-5-13, 10:45pm
Congrats! And I like how you used the lyrics of that so cool REM song to describe your joy! Rob