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2-27-11, 11:24am
Hi... Interesting article in the Boston Globe today. Maybe some of you are familiar with this woman?


I'll paste in a few paragraphs below.

In the world of “extreme couponing,’’ Spencer, a 41-year-old mother of four who lives in Boxford, has quickly risen to guru status. In private classes and a new book, “How to Shop for Free,’’ the woman who claims to feed her family on $4 a week and is known to her disciples as the “Oprah of couponing’’ teaches a complicated, and some say controversial, series of tips and tricks. Her program ranges from simple advice on where to find good coupons and sales, to the calculated exploitation of loopholes in store rewards programs. This is a woman who makes $20 each time she fills a prescription — by moving them to a different pharmacy each month to earn the gift cards that many offer for new or transferred prescriptions.


The goal is not simply a good deal, she says. “The goal is free.’’ :cool:


Her bargain-hunting chops have become urban legend. People clap for her at the checkout counter. When she took “Good Morning America’’ to her local Shaw’s and used her methods to get $267 worth of groceries for a penny, a stunned Diane Sawyer declared that Spencer made her feel “inferior.’’ :doh:

On her website, howtoshopforfree.net, Spencer and her followers — her site received about 43,000 unique visitors last month, according to Nielsen Online — stalk the circulars and wait for moments when a sale can combine with a coupon or two to make the item free or, in a lot of cases, earn them a profit in store credit or rebates. :~)

Spencer first opened her mouth about couponing five years ago, when she used coupons to get three bottles of juice completely free. Her husband was very sick and out of work,..... From there, she “cracked the code,’’ :idea: which allowed her to quit her job as a loan officer to coupon full time.

I read the readers comments, and the negative ones make me laugh. Some people want others to live as they do, slaving away at bad jobs, and not think outside the box. I voted up the positive comments :+1:

early morning
2-27-11, 12:10pm
Well, good for her! Personally, I don't buy much that can be purchased with coupons, and don't spend enough on food or cleaners or whatever that would allow me to quit my job if the stuff was free!