View Full Version : Happy Summer solstice!

6-19-13, 10:08pm
And may your longest day be blessed with beauty, peace, and joy.

http://i3.photobucket.com/albums/y75/readaboutit/summer-solstice-2010-facts_21919_600x450_zpsf46e3b66.jpg (http://s3.photobucket.com/user/readaboutit/media/summer-solstice-2010-facts_21919_600x450_zpsf46e3b66.jpg.html)

6-19-13, 11:34pm
Thank you Gardarian...and the same to you!!:)

6-20-13, 8:22pm
Thanks and likewise. Although a local weatherman once said, "it's not the longest day because every day has the same 24 hours!" so, we have to say instead that it's the longest period of daylight.

6-20-13, 8:38pm
Good wishes to all of you. It's been a wonderful day so far. I'm looking forward to a beautiful sunset.

6-21-13, 1:17pm
Now the days start to get shorter. I hate shorter days.

Blackdog Lin
6-21-13, 5:36pm
And we also have a "supermoon" to look forward to Sunday.....

6-21-13, 6:13pm
And a Happy Solstice back to all! For some reason the Solstice is more meaning to me this time around.... maybe I'm just getting older and more appreciative??? Anyway, I'm loving today and all the sun that we are getting.

Didn't know about the supermoon... thanks!

6-21-13, 6:22pm
And we also have a "supermoon" to look forward to Sunday.....
I just saw this post so added the link with info.


6-21-13, 6:42pm
Thank you! Same to you..

6-21-13, 7:28pm
Thanks Gardenarian. I'm having a lovely Solstice, and I wish the same to you!
Freein05: If your cup is half empty, that means it is also half full :) Reminds me of a beloved Grateful Dead tune.