View Full Version : Old Child's Dish Sets: What to do?

2-28-11, 3:13pm
Hi everyone,

Well I have been in a serious decluttering mode these days. Partly because I am hoping that DH and I can move out of our current home in the next year or two, but also I am finally letting go of the ideas that cause me to keep stuff that we are simply not using or even want.

Years ago MIL gave me a bunch of things she didn't want including the two childhood dish sets that she had as a child. I didn't really want them either but neither her daughter or granddaughter were interested and I figured they were headed for the trash if I didn't take them. These are porcelain sets that are circa 1930s. I may donate them but am looking to sell first if possible. Have watched how these sell on Ebay and these don't really seem to move at all.

I was thinking maybe antique dealers or collectors would be interested but not sure how to go about that. Looking for any suggestions or ideas!

2-28-11, 6:46pm
I was given a nice Beatrix Potter nursery set a few years ago. I love Beatrix Potter, and it is a lovely set. But I had another set (different), and during recent decluttering, realized that one nursery set was plenty for a childless 52 yo woman! So I gave one of the sets to a friend at work who recently had a child.

2-28-11, 7:05pm
Maybe you could sell them to one of those china replacement companies. Google China Replacement?

Sad Eyed Lady
2-28-11, 9:13pm
I would have thought those would have sold nicely on ebay. When checking the sales prices on ebay be sure you check the "completed auctions" in the advanced search to see what things actually sold for at the final bid, not what they are bringing during the auction. I have sold a few things on ebay and the bidding can go wild in the last few seconds.

iris lily
3-1-11, 12:46am
ahem, chinaware addict here. I've decluttered 5 sets of dishes but that doesn't count 2 set of children's dishes. Replacements wouldn't buy toy sets, they buy open stock chinaware.

I took mine to a toy show and got rid of them. I had a whole batch of toys and managed to unload them and make a little money. You won't get much for the chinaware sets but it's responsible decluttering. I had a doll's set of Blue willow ware from the 1940's and didn't get much for it, and that's collectible!

I only hope that your metropolitan area is big enough to have a show. Oh, I forgot--you've got to pay to get into the toy show so that's money out and in the end, it may not be worth it. Me, I had enough stuff (doll trunk, dolls, dishes, Disney stuff) that it was worth paying to get in to see all of the dealers. They will always ask you "how much do you want for it"--don't expect them to set a price. That's how I got rid of all of my stuff, I price it way low. One guy even followed us out to the car to see what else I had becuase he didn't know girls' toys very well but he knew that I was selling at rock bottom prices.

I am still working to declutter stuff and, this week, am working on 2 dolls that dealers didn't want (their loss!) Over the weekend I called several contacts for doll clubs and got someone who will be buying one of my Baby Dear dolls.

3-2-11, 6:50pm
Another chinaware addict here. No advice to share, but it's enjoyable and interesting reading about everyone's china collecting and purging events.