View Full Version : Carbonless baby? the challenges

7-4-13, 8:46am
Thought that you might find this article interesting to explore. When pregnant, this family tried to find the lowest carbon solution to raising a child who is now 2 1/2 years old.

7-4-13, 1:17pm
Environmental degradation is one of the reasons I decided to not have children... Middle class babies in the US have a huge impact on the planet. Good on her for trying to mitigate that!

7-5-13, 4:44pm
It's interesting. A lot of the things that they did were things that we did (but we had no problems with EC -- potty baby -- it was *awesome*). But, we didn't do them for the same reasons.

I wanted a simple life. Simplicity definitely decreases carbon footprint, but we aren't quite as on-it as these folks. :)