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7-9-13, 1:03pm
Hello everyone! My name is Jillian and I am a newbie to this forum! I randomly stumbled across this forum while i was researching on the internet. I am excited to share things I love to this forum as well as learning new things from all of you. Hope everyone has a good day!

Float On
7-9-13, 1:42pm
Welcome JillyF!

7-9-13, 2:09pm
Greeting JillyF, and welcome!

7-9-13, 2:50pm
Hi! C'mon down -- lots of good people here!

7-9-13, 6:15pm
Hi JillyF,

Think you will really enjoy it here. There are lots of great people with great ideas on simple living and frugality. And I'm sure you'll have lots to share too!

7-9-13, 8:10pm
Hi Jilly, glad to have you aboard. What would you say are some of the reasons that attracted you to the forums?

7-9-13, 10:09pm
Welcome and hello from another Jilly!