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7-24-13, 2:21pm
Hi there!

I just wanted to take a second to introduce myself to you all. My name is Allison and I'm from Ontario, Canada. I used to be a WOHM, but for the past five years have been a SAHM. My husband and I have five children (four boys 19, 8, 6, 4, and a girl, 3).

I am always on a conquest to simplify, organize, reduce and save. I concentrate my efforts in re-purposing rather than tossing or buying new, food preparation and frugal purchasing, stockpiling to save later, never paying full price for anything (milk, bananas and apples are my only usual exceptions, grocery-wise). We have a small garden this year so will have tomatoes, zucchini, rhubarb and onions for a while into the winter months. I try to make as many things from scratch and try to stay away from pre-made meals and mixes.

I blog semi-regularly about anything and everything in my life in the 'wick. I love photography, writing, am teaching myself to crochet (albeit kind of badly, but getting better :) ), and feel like I work from 6am to midnight seven days a week at my 'job' of mother/wife/etc.

My life is generally busy, but I am getting better at paring things down, doing what I can and letting go of things that do not really matter.

I'm so looking forward learning more about all of you and all this forum has to offer in terms of new ideas and strategies :)

Despite the length of this, I tend to be rather quiet and I sometimes lose track of threads in forums, so if I do not respond to something you say, please do not take offense, it's just me, getting lost again >8)

We do not have guests very often, but we are expecting my husband's aunt tomorrow for the night, so I'm running like mad trying to get the house ready - an impossible task with my four smalls undoing everything that I do! LOL!

Thanks for reading :)

Have a great day!

7-24-13, 2:40pm

So nice to read a little about your life and what you are doing in your household to live simply and frugally. I am a stay-at-home wife and aim to do all that you do. It will be fun to read your posts since in being home and being more quiet, I can relate!


7-25-13, 5:56pm
Hey Allison! So glad you found us.

It sounds like you have a really rich life, and are really trying to focus on what matters. Sounds like you'll fit right into this gang :D

7-25-13, 6:47pm
Welcome from Winnipeg.

7-25-13, 7:46pm
Thanks for the lovely intro. We're a nice bunch around here. I hope you will drop back in to continue to explore interesting aspects of simplicity, whatever it means for you personally.

7-25-13, 8:26pm
Welcome! I'm a SAHH, though there are no kids and only the occasional dog to shepherd around. :) I'm supposed to be running my own photography business, too, but retirement beckons like a siren, so I don't do as much with it as I should. There's lots to learn here and I'm guessing there's stuff we can learn from you, too!

7-25-13, 10:07pm
Welcome! I've been a SAHM to one daughter, now 10, since she was born. I do some freelance writing and editing, and a fair amount of volunteer work as well. There's always a lot to learn and discuss here and I look forward to reading your contributions!