View Full Version : latest and greatest idea for CD's and DVD's

Zoe Girl
3-2-11, 9:40am
I guess I am in the mindset of keeping very portable after losing our house. Not always a great mindset but it keeps me cleaned up! So I was looking at all the movies we have and how they collect dust and take up space so I want to get one of those big DVD binders. The movies would be easy to do that with, now the CDs often have good art or liner notes so I may not do that with them but I will still take care of a huge amount this way.

iris lily
3-2-11, 10:14am
I can see keeping music cds for the liner notes.

Personally, I don't see keeping dvds at all. Like books, I don't buy 'em. Which doesn't mean that I don't consume tons of dvd entertainment, but between the library and the local Blockbuster store, I don't need to own them.

3-2-11, 11:43am
I moved most of my CDs into Snap-n-Store storage boxes and Freecycled their jewel cases.

3-2-11, 12:05pm
You can take the liner notes out of the case and use 2 slots per CD, one for the notes, one for the CD. It's easy to crack open the back of the CD case and get the liner note out, then snap the case back together.

I believe they make binder pages for the bigger DVD artwork sleeves as well.

3-2-11, 12:25pm
We did this a couple of years ago. I donated all the empty boxes to our library, because their CD cases are always broken and people misplace DVD boxes.

3-2-11, 2:50pm
Is a DVD binder like a big notebook with plastic pages to put the discs in?

3-2-11, 5:31pm
We keep our DVDs in the binders. One reason is to save on storage space. However, in the garage are boxes in the attic for the original sets in case we want to sell them. I could get rid of them but since we have the space, they are stored.

I dont buy movie DVDs but series, usually British, and I watch them over and over while I am sewing.

pony mom
3-2-11, 9:58pm
I just recently bought something called Discsox--they are amazing!! I had 75 CDs and the jewel cases made a 28" pile. In the Discsox, they're only 10.5". You can buy them for DVDs too. They are made of some sort of vinyl and have an archive-type material that will not scratch your discs (this is more of an issue in a dvd than a cd). They will hold all of the paper media as well (booklet, back cover) and can hold 2 discs. I bought mine on Amazon--75 for about $45 w/free shipping. Not the cheapest but the highest rated. Here's the website: www.mmdesign.com Dunno if I did that right....

When searching for cd storage, I read that the binders aren't really good for discs. I couldn't be happer with the Discsox and now my cd collection fits in a small box. If I had more DVDs I'd buy the sleeves for them too.

It would have been much easier just getting rid of some of the CDs but just having them take up less space makes me happy : )

Zoe Girl
3-3-11, 10:11pm
Oooh, very good idea on the Discox. My CD's I am much pickier about since that is music. Most of the movies and TV shows are ones we watch often and plan on wearing them out someday or giving them to my kids as they move out. The CD's are really important and I want to keep the liner art as well.

I am pretty darn happy with doing this. I kept some boxes for what I wasn't sure about like ones the kids bought for themselves. Still not only can I easily see more of the DVD's we have but there is no excuse for not putting them away since you don't need to find the case and there is lots of space.

3-3-11, 10:31pm
I just scanned them all into iTunes, and put them away in storage.