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8-6-13, 3:28pm
I don't get on as much as I like and have been trying to deal with elderly parent's health issues and been doing lots of traveling (4-1/2 hour drive to visit them). I'm not only thinking food, but also other items such as stashes of material, yarn, etc. One thing I got was a bunch of free hair conditioner, which I cannot use due to hair type, so instead I took these freebies and made them into fabric softener by mixing 1 cup conditioner to 2 cups vinegar (and if that's too thick, you can also add water along with that vinegar). Throw out ideas and let's help each other use up what we have or try to make something different with it so there is no waste.

8-8-13, 5:40am
That was creative, Debi. Did it work well?

8-14-13, 4:41pm
Yes, it works. Just be sure to mix enough vinegar and water with it. I tend to solar dry my clothes, so definitely no problems. Don't know if it would be the same if one used a dryer, even though this is used in the rinse cycle for both drying methods.

8-14-13, 4:44pm
Hi Debi, that was a very creative way to use that hair product!

8-15-13, 4:50pm
I don't like to waste anything, so I try to improvise whenever possible.

1-3-14, 3:16am
When I am at a hotel, I use the free shampoo to wash my clothes. A small sample bottle will usually wash one load.