View Full Version : Don't forget the Perseid

8-12-13, 5:40pm
tonight is supposed to be the best night for looking at the Perseid meteor shower. Unfortunately, the very best time is like from 3-5a.m. (Eastern Daylight Savings time.)
Anyhow......just wanted to remind you all. It can be pretty darned cool!!

8-12-13, 5:48pm
I saw this once when first
meeting a new boyfriend when I was 16 or 17. It was so romantic back then. -- even though the relationship did not work out...

8-12-13, 6:45pm
If you live in an urban area, this might be a better bet: www.slooh.com, though I stared at it 'til I was cross-eyed last night and never saw a thing.

8-12-13, 7:04pm
And the mosquitoes are usually so bad! One time, we were watching for shooting stars, and I saw a huge one go across the sky, and I swear I heard it too. Cool!

8-12-13, 7:34pm
Our old place was 8,000 feet up in the mountains and a good 3 hours from the nearest real city so you could almost read by starlight. The Perseid was an annual event for DW and I. Usually sitting in the hot tub while watching. Not the worst way to spend a chunk of the night. One time she sat up like a shot in bed, shook me and said "did you see that?" A meteor had gone over that was so bright that it woke her up. It could have hit our garage without waking me up. Anyway, she said it was like a giant, very long lightning bolt that lit up everything with that crazy bright white light. The next morning the local radio station was flooded with calls from people who had exactly the same experience. We never did find out if the thing crashed somewhere or just burned up, but it remains one of her cooler stories.

8-12-13, 8:37pm
That's cool Gregg! When I was younger (about 13), we lived out in the country in Pennsylvania. We were coming home in the car one night and this huge light flew across an open field right next to the road (or at least it seemed like that.) It seems like it should have crashed into something close.......but we heard later that it had fallen in someplace like Norway. Really wild stuff!